1. Paraguay Butcher Cart

    A woman shops for meat on the side of the road where this man often slaughters cows.

  2. Paraguay Meat storage

    I opened from fridge one day and gasped when I saw that someone had gone meat shopping.

  3. Madagascar Not enough rice

    Traditional way to eat food, plant the plates on the matt, rice dishes in the middle, small amount of protein on the side.  Communcal eating, sand subs in for salt.  For our group of 6, this was not enough rice because in Madagascar, you always want more rice!

  4. Madagascar Mango Mania

    Women drying mangos as part of a small income generating project.

  5. Azerbaijan Thanksgiving Prep

    Together with another volunteer, we clean the turkey we just bought to eat for our thanksgiving meal.

  6. Senegal Rice Harvest

    This are women during the rice harvest in my village in southern Senegal.

  7. Mali rice harvest

    I had just arrived in the village of Ganale on our monthly baby-weighing day, greeted the "dugutigi" (village chief) and propped my bike up against a mud wall in our usual meeting area, when a small group of kids met me to take me out to a nearby field. Before getting to work, Mamine, our local village health volunteer, was bringing in some of the rice harvest along with other women in her family. I confess that until my time in Mali, I had no idea what rice looked like before it ap...

  8. Morocco Tagine

    Traveling around the world photographing Peace Corps volunteers for my book Making Peace with the World, Photographs of Peace Corps Volunteers, I was introduced to a lot of unfamiliar food. Some good, some bad and some horrible. I tried it all.    I discovered Morocco, where I photographed Peace Corps volunteers Rebecca Luhrs, Juan Camilo Mendez and Muriel Johnston, has wonderful cuisine. Because of its location as a crossroads for trade and for many cultures there is a cornucopia of choices ...

  9. Paraguay Weed Lady's Tereré

    Just thinking about the sound of the pounding mortar and pestle at the corner “weed ladys” stand makes me thirsty. My wife and I served in the Peace Corps for three years in the hot South American country of Paraguay and we both came back hooked on the undisputed national beverage, tereré, a bitter green iced tea made from the native yerba maté shrub. Aside from the social nature of the beverage, which is always drunk from a common cup and metal straw that’s passed back and forth around chat ...

  10. Costa Rica Plantains

    Plaintains outside of a vegetable shop in San Marcos, Costa Rica.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.