1. Dominica Integration, Integration, Integration

    Can you spot the Peace Corps Volunteer?  I was asked by the village cultural group, Karifuna, to participate in their stage performance during the annual Carnival Queen Pageant held before a crowd of 1,000 plus at the National Stadium in the capital city.  It was great fun to dance around on stage all crazy while looking like a smurf.  This was apparently an opposite representation of slavery, the "blue man" is in chains and being oppressed by an evil man with a whip.  Why have me p...

  2. Dominica Morning Prayer

    Students at the Salybia Primary School would begin every morning of instruction with a prayer.  This day I was lucky to catch this nice photo of several of them praying earnestly.

  3. Botswana Duma

    My friends and I visited Mokolodi Nature Reserve outside Gabarone.  There two 16-year-old male cheetahs live; they were rescued as cubs and raised in the reserve.  They are quite mellow in their old age!

  4. Botswana Cooking for the Wedding Feast

    My host family's yard was spiffied-up for my host sister's summer wedding.  This photo shows the cooking area -- an entire cow is in these pots!  My host father was the kgosana, or headman, of our village.  His eldest daughter's wedding was a celebration that spared no expense or nicety.  Family and friends from both near and afar joined in a massive feast and dance that lasted several days, including the preparations that led up to the actual ceremony and post-ceremony party.  Traditional fo...

  5. Azerbaijan Ashura

    A Muslim day of mourning which remembers the martyr Husayn Ibn Ali (prophet Muhammad’s grandson) and 72 of his companions who were killed fighting for justice in 680 AD.  

  6. Azerbaijan "Helping Promote a Better Understanding"

    I left the U.S. during a time when Americans were struggling with their perceptions of an entire religion, that of the Muslim faith.  I didn’t understand the messages of hate which were being expressed by my fellow Americans and I thought (and I still think) it came from a lack of understanding and a fear of the unknown.  Serving here in Azerbaijan with the Peace Corps has confirmed just how wrong so many of my American compatriots are on this topic. For the first time in my life, I atte...

  7. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mattafix & Camp Courage (In My Hometown)

    Mattafix's Marlon Roudette shares about lessons learned growing up in his hometown of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Camp Courage, a youth empowerment initiative in development by current Peace Corps Volunteers in SVG.

  8. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mattafix Camp Courage

    As in many of our countries served, St. Vincent has a very high unemployment rate, causing many teenage boys to turn to negative lifestyles. Camp Courage is a career development camp for boys near high school graduation to give them the resources necessary to make the transition between school and the workforce a little smoother. Marlon Roudette, lead singer of the popular group Mattafix, is a native of St. Vincent and was home for the holidays. We made this short promotional video for our ca...

  9. Dominica Twavay Fo

    Mac was well into his sixties when this was taken, yet carrying this heap of plantains was no problem for him.  Most would cut off parts and carry them separately, but he decided to take the whole bundle.  Hard work indeed.    

  10. Fiji Bravo Sprays

    The children are performing a traditional Polynesian dance during the Kioa Day celebration marking the day the first settlers arrived from Tuvalu. When a spectator is pleased with the performance they spray the dancer with perfume, as Kanesa is doing here.  

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.