1. Ukraine Angel Tree

      Two of my University students, Victoria and Dasha, distributing Christmas gifts at an orphanage as part of our “Angel Tree” project.

  2. Ukraine Angel Tree

    This about a project we did at Christmas time called "Angel Tree"  It went like this: Peace Corps Volunteers and our University Students went to local orphanages and had kids write down gifts that they wanted on paper angles.  Many of the kids asked for gifts that were far to expensive, such as bikes, Playstations and cell phones (some specified models).  One boy actually asked for a Rolex.  Then we put the paper angels on a tree outside a mall and asked people to take an angel ...

  3. Togo Take Our Daughters to Work Week

    Hello, my name is Camilla Pearson, the PCV Organizer for the PCPP Project "Take Our Daughters to Work Conference Week" enacted in Togo, West Africa at the end of March 2011. My counterparts and I are really proud of the project and wanted to share our story with you. The conference was held for motivated high school girls in theplateaux region of Togo that were either in their junior or senior years of highschool. Girls at this level of education are somewhat rare in our region (and...

  4. Azerbaijan Ouch!

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this.  The person in the picture was my host mother who had a cold or something (I was to new to the country too understand what the deal what), but this was one remedy for it. 

  5. Bangladesh Metalworking in 150 degrees

    An extremely skilled artisan who worked in a  non-air-conditioned room with a fire in it.    

  6. Bangladesh Intervida Children's Home

    My best friend in Peace Corps, Xaviera worked at Intervida Children's Home.  She invited me to a birthday party for some of the orphans who called it home. 

  7. Bangladesh CLosing Ceremony for English Class

    Closing Ceremony for Department of Youth Development English Class.  Certificate ceremony for my co-ed class. 

  8. Bangladesh Rickshaw wallah in a flood

    2004 was a terrible rainy season.  Don Chamber Road the main road by my house was totally flooded.  Cars could not really pass, but the rickshaws sure did.   

  9. Bangladesh Bangladeshi Wedding.

    My host sister got all dolled up for her wedding.  Then completely freaked me out when she cried the whole time and screamed not to be taken from her family.  Only later did I learn that was all part of the ceremony.  When I saw her a week later, she and the new husband were so happy. 

  10. Costa Rica Sisters

    Two sisters take a break on a bench in Tortugero, Costa Rica.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.