1. Guatemala Mangroves

    Sunrise over the mangroves

  2. Guatemala Fishing the Mangroves

    Early morning fishing on the river.

  3. Guatemala Reina II

    Girl in her beautiful Mayan traje at the election of "la reina independencia" in Chi Don Juan.

  4. Guatemala Reina I

    Girl performing for the election of "la reina independencia" in Chi Don Juan.

  5. Guatemala Roses for the Judges

    I was lucky enough to be chosen as a judge for the "Reina de Independencia" pageant in a nearby village. As judges, we were treated to lunch and beautiful flowers.

  6. Guatemala Reinita II

    Little girl performing for "la reina independencia" election in Chi Don Juan.

  7. Guatemala Reinita I

    Little girl performing in her traje típica is soon to be elected "la reina independencia" en Chi Don Juan.

  8. Guatemala La Reina III

    Little girl performing in the rain for "La reina independencia" Chi Don Juan.

  9. Guatemala La Reina II

    Little girl performing in traje típica in the election of "La reina de independencia" Chi Don Juan.

  10. Guatemala La Reina I

    A little girl performing for the election of "La Reina Independencia" Chi Don Juan.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.