1. Guatemala Elian's Marbles

    Elian places his marble...

  2. Guatemala Marbles

    Boys playing marbles.

  3. Guatemala Subanik Face

    Subanik is a traditional dish of the region. It is a tomato-based stew made with chicken, beef, and sometimes pork. Here, Juan José sports this culinary tradition on his face.

  4. Guatemala Lesly Grooming Juan José

    Little Lesly combs the baby's hair...

  5. Guatemala Happy Baby

    Juan José swings happily from his mother's back after a delicious lunch with family and friends.

  6. Guatemala Corny

    One day I returned home to find this... Apparently it was time for the corn harvest.

  7. Guatemala Mural Painting

    Painting with the kids of Chi Don Juan. A mural of a Mayan woman.

  8. Guatemala Life in Livingston

    Some local kids hanging out on the corner.

  9. Guatemala Traje Típica

    Women in the village dressed in the tipical corte and guipil of the region.

  10. Guatemala La Pedida

    Family of a young man bringing food to the home of a young woman to ask her parents for permission to wed.

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