1. Fiji School Tour

    Hospital dietician taking height and weight of school children during the school tour on my home island of Kadavu...

  2. Liberia Graduation Day

    These three young Liberians are dressed up for thier preschool graduation...

  3. Liberia Young Hope/ Old Glory

    Taken in a small village north of Monrovia, Liberia during a PCRV orientation in 2010...

  4. Morocco Ramadan with the host family

    Spending Ramadan with my fantastic homestay family

  5. Morocco Boy and Chicken

    favorite neighbor boy holding his chicken

  6. Morocco Middle of nowhere lesson

    Teaching nomadic women about family planning

  7. Guatemala The First Floor

    This is the first of many cement floors that we built. Most rural Guatemalans live inhouses with dirt floors

  8. Madagascar Portrait of Good Friday

    This is Soajama, whose name means "Good Friday" in Malagasy.

  9. Micronesia Nephews and My House

    Robby, pictured here are 3 months, was born to my host sister during my service.  Baby rearing is communal in Kosrae, usually I was responsible for the early mornings, when Robby and I would walk the beach as the sun rose.  In the background you can see our tin roofed house and well swept lawn.  The room all the way on the left, and the only one with screens, is mine.

  10. Micronesia Awaiting... Fate

    This pig found a cool spot to rest before its participation in a cooking demonstration at the Pacific Island Bilingual Bicultural Association conference on Kosrae in June 2007.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.