1. Peru Town Meeting

    I was invited to one of my communitie's town meeting where the town's leader announced the construcion of a new health post in their town. These ladies were patiently waiting for the meeting to begin.

  2. Madagascar Famadihana

    Honoring their ancestors by dancing with them at the Turning of the Bones festival near Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar.

  3. El Salvador Skype

    This family just came to my house to skype with their son whom they have not seen since 1998. He is living illegally in the states. It was also the first time the mom had ever seen a computer. When her son's face came on the screen she started crying and kept saying "that's my son... That's my son" and then the whole family talked for 2 hours and never had to worry about how much it was going to cost them. We had to shine flashlights on her face cause my house only has one light bul...

  4. Mongolia Matching Hats

    A fellow PCV and I went to his coworker's homes during Tsagaan Sar. Even the children get in on fox-hat action!

  5. Mongolia Traditions!

    During Tsagaan Sar, it's tradition to pass snuff bottles to each other and sniff them. This is quite the rare moment where Mongolians are smiling in a photograph. :) This was taken at my hospital Tsagaan Sar meeting, where everyone chats and greets each other on the new year.

  6. Mongolia Grandmothers

    During Tsagaan Sar ("White Moon/Month"), the biggest holiday in Mongolia, people visit each other's homes. This is my counterpart's mom and her sister, in their best deels (traditional clothing).

  7. Malawi The Road Home

    Some ladies strolling down a beautiful tree lined road with their market goods on their heads.

  8. Mozambique Golden Sunset

    Taken from the health post just at sunset over the mountains at my site.

  9. Rwanda Another Side of Kigali

    When I leave my site and head to Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali, it’s a rare chance to catch up with fellow Volunteers, enjoy Western food, stock up on things I can’t get in other places, and frequent muzungu hang-outs where I can be somewhat anonymous.  As such, most of my time in Kigali has been spent in the wealthier neighborhoods.  But, I recently had an opportunity to see another side of the capital, and it was fascinating. While waiting for my boyfriend, who was coming from the States ...

  10. Ethiopia The invisible ones

    In June 2010 I first saw a young lady wandering the streets.  She would dance and sing, or tease passersby, or snatch at someone.  Often they would chase her away, kick at her or throw something at her.  I was told she was crazy, and no other explanation was given.  No one seemed to be concerned about getting her help.  I was told her name is Fana.    She begged for her food and found someplace on the streets to sleep at night.  I started taking some food with me as I was walking and when I ...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.