1. Botswana Rondoval

    A traditionally-built house.  Today, there are more modern concrete houses than the traditional huts in many areas of Botswana.

  2. Malawi Tiny Baby

    Malnourished child and mom at under five clinic, Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe

  3. Malawi Ladies in Red

    Independence Day Celebration, Lilongwe 

  4. Peru Clean Hands!

    After a handwashing activity my elementary school kids were so proud of their clean hands and fingernails.

  5. Kazakhstan Best Wedding Ever!

    I had the pleasure of being invited to attend a true Kazakh wedding. Towards the end of the evening, one of the brothers of the bride really showed his joy, and I had the fortune of snapping a photo of what I consider the happiest picture ever: a man, his son, and a balloon all dancing amongst his clapping friends and family.

  6. Guyana Mash Cake

    Different villages from the surrounding area came in to participate in the Mashrimani celebrations including this young girl who dressed up in a birthday cake. Happy birthday Guyana!

  7. Botswana Botswana Sunset

    Summer sunset in Eastern Botswana.

  8. Botswana Sunset Storm

    The view from my kitchen window of sunset before a winter storm.

  9. Yemen The World is a Funny Place

    We were invited to a celebration luncheon at a tiny village in Northern Yemen near the Saudi Arabian border. It was 1976, and some civil engineer Peace Corps volunteers had just completed building a concrete rain water catch basin to improve this village’s clean water supply. There were 30 people lounging on pillows in a circle on the floor of the village sheikh’s sumptuous living room in this expansive mud and stone home. He wanted to show us his gratitude, and a feast of roasted lamb, ...

  10. Senegal Rice Harvest

    This are women during the rice harvest in my village in southern Senegal.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.