1. Morocco Host Country: Peace Corps

    The cross-cultural exchange.  The foreign sea of oddity.  The languages, late nights, loneliness, thrills, aches and pure, heartwrenching love we all felt.  Those intensified emotions that only Peace Corps volunteers recognize in one another.  Give it a day, a week, a year...eventually, we know.  We all know.  We are a one of a kind community of wanderers.  A society of individuals built on the mutual understanding that the world can and will change if a few dedicated persons are willing to o...

  2. Morocco Remember when...

    You were scared to not get gifts from Santa if you were bad?  Yeah, well, Morocco (in the deep Southern Region) stepped that up a notch.  Moroccan kids were scared by Goat Man if they misbehaved.  After Eid, Moroccans dressed in goat skins to frighten little kids straight.  Worked for me.  Credit to Mark Smith!

  3. Morocco Wall

    Memories of booda tanks and half painted walls...

  4. Morocco Painting Houses

    A fellow volunteer's host mom painting her house deep Tazekka Mountain style.  Credit to Andrew Cyr/Bobbi Sandwich

  5. Morocco Habiba

    My best friend in my village taught me more about what it was to be 'tough' than any other person I've met.  She was making a fire to bake some bread in her clay oven.

  6. Madagascar Ifaty

    The rains coming in at sunset in Ifaty, Madagascar

  7. Georgia Fishing

    Waiting for a catch!

  8. Georgia Winter Time

    Heavy snow in Georgia

  9. Georgia Up The Mountain I Go

    Heading to my village in the mountains.

  10. Mali Is this in America?

    Shaka, a five year old that lives in my concession. Number one asked question of all time, is _______ in America? It could be anything, a cat, chair, sandal, rice, etc. This time he asked if there is a machine like this one in America, I did not know for sure, so I just said there are machines and maybe one in America is the same.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.