1. Mongolia Hasha Grandma

    This is the grandma of the family I first lived with in Mongolia. I loved watching her bless the beginning of every day with an offering of milk tea. 

  2. Mongolia girl in a lake

    My work group went to Uvs Lake for a party and I caught this picture of one of my co-workers little girls standing in the water. 

  3. Mongolia fish for dinner

    I bought these smoked fish from these kids but not before I got them to join me in a photo.

  4. Mongolia Milk Tea

    Milk Tea is the heart of mongolian food and drink. Every guest is offered a bowl of milk tea when you enter a home. 

  5. Paraguay Bee-Kini

    At the end of training, the beekeepers were doing bee-beards and invited all interested parties to participate. The fun part was getting them off!

  6. Paraguay Rooftop

    Sitting on top of the newly erected frame for my house. Wood, nails, wire, some string, rope, a hammer, crosscut saw, sweat, bamboo, and straw were the only ingredients. Six of the neighbors had the one-room mansion up in 2 days!

  7. Paraguay Reunion

    It was incredibly rewarding to have the opportunity to return to Paraguay 7 years after COS'ing...to see how kids had grown and to see projects still in the ground and to reunite with old friends. Mario Espinola and his family were the best neighbors anyone could have.

  8. Paraguay Road Trip Altitude Hell

    Driving from sea level to 15,000 feet in an afternoon to camp out at Parque Nacional Lauca (in Chile on travel leave) was a bad idea. After suffering a night of miserable altitude headaches and freezing Atacama Desert air, Greg Mason and I got a Park Guard to snap this photo before heading back 'down the mountain.'

  9. Paraguay Dinner

    Sra Teodosia had a contagious laugh that could be heard a distance away. I snapped this picture before cow's head went into the cauldron.

  10. Paraguay Family Portrait

    This picture of Rogelio Martinez and his wonderful family was taken during a family outing to a nearby river running through some of the last remaining forests in my site.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.