1. Madagascar Always on time

    When you get there, you get there.  Therefore the bush taxi always arrives on time!  In this instance, we didn't have a jack to fix our flat tire.  So we all got out and rocked the bus back and forth until someone was able to wedge a large rock underneath the vehicle so we could fix the flat.  We arrived on time to our destination nearly 4 hours later than expected!

  2. Madagascar Roberta

    Roberta is the granddaughter of a very good friend of mine!  They became my family away from home.

  3. Madagascar Island of Lemurs

    This little boy was so enthusiastic to have his picture taken, and he had the perfect background!  The natural beauty of this little island off the northern coast of Madagascar was truly one of a kind!

  4. Jamaica Dancin'

    During a 4-H Clubs Achievement Day event in Golden Grove, St. Ann, Jamaica, these young students came and started dancing to the music. All the young students were instantly attracted to the older boys and sat mesmerized by their simple side steps. Music and dance are a part of life in Jamaica and children learn all the styles from an early age.

  5. Fiji First Visit to Site

    We made it back from our site visit yesterday and are recouping from a whirlwind travel experience. It is hard to recall everything as it seemed like we experienced so much during the short time we where there. It is all very exhausting trying to soak in the details of your future home for the next two years in addition to learning the logistics of how the heck to get there. That was an adventure in itself.   If you have ever traversed a third world country using more than one type of transp...

  6. Armenia project presentations

    Youth development project camp, the BRO camp was just getting started.

  7. Armenia helping hands

    Team of local volunteers cleaning up one of the main streets in the city of Gyumri

  8. Armenia summer days

    Taking a rest in the shade from the hot summer day

  9. Armenia generation to generation

    Host family: great grandmothers and grandchildren together for dinner.

  10. Armenia wedding BBQ

    The day of my host sisters wedding before the church vows, BBQ. YUM!

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.