1. Malawi Victoria Falls

    This is Victoria Falls seen from the Zambian side. I was on a bridge bewteen Zambia and Zimbabwe when I took this picture.

  2. Malawi bicycles in Malawi

    These big black bicycles were the standard means of transportation in Malawi circa 1990. Sometimes there would be many people on one bike; sometimes goats and chickens were transported this way also. This man made my day with his indominatable spirit.

  3. Malawi zebras in natural habitat

    This was atop Nyika Plateau in Northern Malawi. Zebras in their natural habitat.

  4. Cameroon Tchabal Mbabo Singing Kids

    In February 2005, group of us spent one week traveling on foot over the hills around Tchabal Mbabo, Cameroon, to build energy-efficient cook stoves.  Each compound of several families welcomed us graciously to into their homes. After the cook stove construction, we had time to hang out with the kids.

  5. The Gambia Dead Toubab Clothes

    Ever wonder what happens to all those clothes you donate to the poor people of Africa?  This is it.  They are sold in the market.  The people want "Western" clothes, and they are free/cheap to the seller, so they are less expensive than going to buy cloth and taking that to the tailor.  The locals call them "dead toubab clothes", because they can't imagine people getting rid of nice clothes like this unless the owner had died.

  6. The Gambia At the pump

    My village was considered "wealty".  We had a several solar pumps.  They went on once a day for a few hours, and you would fill up as much as you could.  This one my compund shared with 2 others, so we got it every third day. 

  7. The Gambia Fetching water

    My site mate and I went to get some water so we could bathe after a bike ride.

  8. The Gambia This is lunch?

    My patents came to visit after my first year, and did not adjust to the food very well.  Here, I am trying to explain how to eat the cous.  She was not impressed.

  9. Madagascar Madagascar Music

    Music, clapping, singing, dancing!  Great times!

  10. Madagascar Playtime

    These boys were always having so much fun playing!

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.