1. Fiji Proper Halloween Attire for PCVs in Fiji

    This depicts what is needed for a PCV to endure a yaqona (kava/grog) session - a grog dispensing hat, clappers, arm straighteners, and ankle pads for sitting on the floor for insane amounts of time. But don't forget the root! These cartoons were created to share with peer Peace Corps Volunteers in Fiji and published in PCV newsletters across the Pacific region.   

  2. Fiji Yes, even Santa smokes in Fiji

    These cartoons were created to share with peer Peace Corps Volunteers in Fiji and published in PCV newsletters across the Pacific region. 

  3. Fiji Aid

      Kelly and I were in Suva to assist with training the FRE-8s (Fiji Re-Entry #8 since coup #1) and decided to check out the movie Prince of Persia. I typically try and avoid the movie theater as it is prime territory for personal space invaders. This time was no exception. Behind us sat five young men most likely in their 20’s. During the entire movie they tap danced on the back of our seats, made jokes at all the sexual references or shots of women scantly clad, and snickered every time a ch...

  4. Fiji The Package

    Often it is hard to describe to Westerners why it is sometimes so frustrating doing work, or sometimes anything productive, in third world countries and especially Fiji. I like describing these events not as a way to bash Fiji or the developing world but to help give perspective to those who have never experienced life without all the conveniences the West takes for granted. These conveniences are not just in water, electricity, infrastructure, and food but also relate to a more general sens...

  5. Fiji Cyclone Aftermath

    In ten minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all of the world’s nuclear weapons combined.   I returned to Kioa on Thursday afternoon. After waiting at the bus stand from 6:45 to 8:00 am and learning there were no buses to Buca Bay and possibly wouldn’t be until next week I searched for alternatives. The Suliven Ferry had pulled into port as well as the Westland, a smaller ferry. The Westland was making a trip to Taveuni. I called our Country Director to see if the all clear had been...

  6. Fiji Indy Car in a Go-Cart World

    Being a Peace Corps volunteer is a lot like driving an Indy Car in rush hour traffic all the time, not just some of the time, all the time. As US Citizens we are trained at an early age to go full bore and not let up. It is engrained in our brains from day one and it hasn’t been until Generation Z (or whatever we are currently at) that people have started rebelling against this hair on fire mentality. My profession prior to joining the Peace Corps as a project manager in the construction ind...

  7. Fiji This is a Blog

    Everyone knows somebody who is consistently stating the obvious. Most people will do it time to time, but there are those with a special talent at maintaining a constant focus on verbalizing all that is happening around them even if it isn’t necessary. Those people would be masterful artisans of Fijian conversation etiquette and probably elected to a high office, if there were elections here of course. At first I found it a little strange, but I didn’t dwell too much on it. It does help in ...

  8. Fiji The Boat Ride

    Making a quick trip to the grocery store back home is rather simple. In Fiji, like most things, it isn’t quite so simple. Our opportunities for  shopping come once a week when the community’s fiber boat makes its weekly trip across the straight for some shopping on Taveuni. We can hire a boat but this gets very expensive. It hadn’t rained since we arrived and then a big storm rolled through Thursday. Friday some of the remnants still remained but the seas didn’t look too bad. We were suppose...

  9. Turkey Vermont Saw Mill

    This was running of longest-running water powered sawmill in Vermont that was retored by Turkey V PCVs in 1964 during training.  I revisited Calais, Vermont site in 2009.  Restoration has been written up in Boston Globe, among other newspapers.

  10. Nicaragua ¿Donde está la gallina?

    During a family birthday, my little host brother was dying to have his picture taken with one of the family's chickens.  After a couple of attempts and my entire host family rolling on the floor laughing, we finally got this picture.  Humor truely knows no culture boundaries!

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.