1. Uganda Circumcision Ceremony

    In eastern Uganda, the tribe of Mt. Elgon, the Bamasaaba or Bagisu, circumcise their teenage boys as initiation into manhood. The ceremonies occur every two years and are marked by vigorous dancing.

  2. Belize World Map Initiative

    Teaching using world map painted on the side of the school as part of the Peace Corps World Map Initiative.

  3. Fiji na veivuravura

    After completing our World Map project at Saivou District School, I wanted the kids to see themselves how much they'd learned. They'd taken a pop-quiz before the project began and few could name more than 5 countries around the world, or tell you which continent was where. After the project, I clipped up all my precious newsweeks and on each photo wrote the name of a different country where the picture was taken. The kids lined up in relay teams to see who could get rid of their stack of phot...

  4. Kiribati The Girl Sickness

    A long time ago there was a very smart woman somewhere in Kiribati who told all of the men that when she had the "girl sickness;" she shouldn't wash, cook, or clean out of fear of contaminating things.  Well, at least that is how I imagine the custom came about.  However, that wise woman overlooked one thing... now all the young girls had to tell everyone when their time came for the monthly visitor.  And thus began another tradition of having a village celebration on the 3rd day of a girl's ...

  5. India Images from India

    This video is a compilation of photographs taken in India while in the Peace Corps from 1969-1971

  6. Ukraine Our Garden

    This charming young lady holding our dog is our neighbor, Nastia. From late spring until late fall, our garden was full of flowers and vegetables. 

  7. Ukraine My wonderful host family

    I lived with the Skrebnevas for three years. They are wonderful, caring people and we had great times together, especially the summer holidays.

  8. Ukraine My Students

    This is a photo of one of my English classes as we showed off a newspaper from Monterey, California, my home town.

  9. Samoa See The World

    I was supposed to leave the country, but it wasn’t looking good, being 120 feet in the air surrounded by dozens of police and firemen straining their necks to see me. It went down like this:After living it up one night, I sat alone on my front porch pondering a life of tomorrows because my departure was imminent. An adventurous, altruistic pursuit below the equator had beckoned to me. I was 24 years old, and felt hesitant to leave the hometown I knew so well for so much of the unknown. Sunset...

  10. Azerbaijan Second Form

    This is my second grade English class, pictured with my Azeri counterpart, Mahire muellime.  Adorable kids.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.