1. Philippines Christmas in Mindanao

    Christmas, 1997 along the north coast of Mindanao, Philippines.  I helped give out food and toys to residents. 

  2. Philippines Fiesta in Buenavista

    Myself and educators marching in a parade during fiesta in Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Philippines. 

  3. Lesotho Next Generation

    My husband served in the tiny country of Lesotho from 1977-1979.  31 years later he returns, bringing me and our two sons (12 and 10 years old) to meet his family there.  Nothing felt more amazing than feeling the love his former co-workers and friends have for Kenton.  As fresh and deep - like he had never left.  We sensed the honor and pride in their voices and actions --we all became one family.   To celebrate my husband's friend and former PC co-worker, Simon, arranged for us to travel up...

  4. Philippines Cooperative Learning

    Children in North Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Philippines in a cooperative learning group at their elementary school. 

  5. South Africa South African National Anthem

    The South African National Anthem as sung by students of Gonela Primary School in the Venda area of South Africa. 

  6. Ethiopia Peace Corps Pet Vignettes

    I was 22-23 when I was in the Peace Corps and was courted by quite a few Ethiopian gentleman who all knew that I LOVED animals. I received two bunnies from a guy working outside Addis Ababa who lived near a couple who raised bees for honey, which is what we made Tej from, good to drink and yes, you can get tipsy from it. I already had a cat and a dog, and another man saw the bunnies and brought me two big white ducks, thus the need for the duck pond. The Duck Story. Thanksgiving was...

  7. Colombia Give a Man a Fish.Teach a Boy to Fish...

    Boys fishing on a pier on Baru Island, off of Cartagena, Colombia

  8. Colombia USA in the shade

    Our flag being very helpful

  9. Colombia Teachers on Parade

    Student teachers of the Escuela Normal Superior dancing in a independence day parade in Cartagena, Colombia. I am training future teachers in English and teaching techniques. In Cartagena, dancing Salsa, Vallenato, and Champeta is the number one activity.

  10. Colombia Dancing in the Street

    My counterpart Gabriel, an English teacher, dancing in a parade to celebrate the independence of Cartagena, Colombia from Spain 200 years ago. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.