1. China Group Effort

    My students work together to create a poster expressing the history and characteristics of a genre of music. This group works on "Rock and Roll".

  2. China Chatter

    Helen, Catherine, me, and Monsoon chatting during the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary dinner party held for my women's group. 

  3. China First Salad Experience

    Nadia, Mary, and Monsoon, students from my Women's Group, enjoy salad for the first time at an American themed dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps.

  4. Ukraine At Work

    This is me at the University where I taught with two of my students.  For awhile I had the idea that I would let my hair grow long while I was in the Peace Corps, this photo was taken shortly before I decided that was a bad idea.

  5. Thailand Children of the Hills

    Children belonging to a local hill tribe. They help their families earn a living by allowing people like me to take pictures of them.

  6. Thailand Children of the Hills

    Some children on the steps of a temple, dressed in traditional hill tribe clothing.

  7. China Little Monster Revealed

    For Halloween, my ESL students created masks using shapes and colors they recently learned. In this photo, Jason took his mask down to yell "Boo!", a cultural note he discovered he really liked!

  8. Thailand The Bathroom Chronicles

    In the bathroom this morning, doing business as usual, except, for some reason, today is different. I still have almost-diarrhea (AD), which, as the name implies, isn't quite diarrhea but still isn't quite kosher. I like to call it Harey Diarrhea (HD), because it's as if halfway through the race diarrhea just decided to stop and take a nap. I've had AD, or HD, take your pick, let's just start calling it ADHD, every day at site thus far. Not fun. Sometimes my progress is tormentingly slo...

  9. China Matriarch

    A woman from the Naxi minority in Yunnan province. Today, many Naxi continue to wear the traditional dress.

  10. Mongolia beauty pageant

    A Mongolian woman, wearing a traditional Mongolian headdress, participates in the Darkhan Nursing College's beauty pageant.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.