1. Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Travel Motorcycle

    Motocycles, better than walking?  Most of the time.  Good ol' Hondas were tough, but not tougher than Sierra Leone!

  2. Sierra Leone Yawei Ferry River Crossing

    My Peace Corps home was the town of Pujehun, scattered along the meandering banks of the Waanje River and pushing back against the pervasive tropical rain forest of southern Sierra Leone.  The town was 40 miles south of the city of Bo but only 20 miles north of the Atlantic Ocean.  However, there was no road south through the coastal waterways and swamps.  Therefore the crusty road to Bo was the shortest route to needed supplies and a link to the rest of the world.  The road was an undulating...

  3. Madagascar Street Child with Child

    One of the street children in my town.

  4. Madagascar Playing with my students

    Sometimes as a teacher, I took the kids outside to play English games.

  5. Madagascar Nosy Ve

    Sailing to nosy ve in a dug out canoe

  6. Madagascar Hitching a ride in Madagascar

    A fellow volunteer and I hitching a ride in the countryside.

  7. Zimbabwe Curatorial Work at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe

    Curatorial WorkPermanent CollectionNational Gallery of Zimbabwe1993-1995   Chambers performed extensive curatorial work at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. The following exhibitions are just a few of the many he put together from the Gallery's Permanent Collection. In pre-colonial Zimbabwe, technology and the arts were successfully combined to produce the material requirements of a culture dating back a millenium. The people of Zimbabwe had developed technology appropriate for the manufactu...

  8. Zimbabwe Southwest Of Rusape: The Mucharambeyi Connection [SoR:TMC]

    Southwest Of Rusape: The Mucharambeyi Connection [SoR:TMC]   This documentary photography project was in association with the Mucharambeyi family in Rusape, North East Zimbabwe and sponsored by U.S.I.S., Harare, Zimbabwe as the inaugural exhibition/event for the United States Information center [1995]. The Mucharambeyi family attended, and Johnnie Carson, U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, opened the exhibition. Chambers considers this project one of his more meaningful ones since he spent several...

  9. Bulgaria Christmas Dinner

    I returned to my host family's house for Christmas dinner.

  10. Bulgaria High School Students Performing the Thriller Dance

    For the Halloween Party at my High School the students performed Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.