1. Kazakhstan Losing Control

    It was only my third day in Kazakhstan, but it was an important one.  It was the day volunteers were taken home by our host families, the people we would live with during our three months of training in villages around the city of Almaty.  A nervous energy filled the air as we packed and repacked our belongings, trying unsuccessfully to find a place for the water distiller and medical kits given to us by the Peace Corps.  We all dressed in our Sunday best, whispering and gossiping like nervou...

  2. Kazakhstan AIDS Walk in Uralsk

    Students from local colleges and universities participate in the first ever AIDS Walk organized by local PCVs. 

  3. Kazakhstan Outhouse in Winter

    A view of our outhouse after record cold and snow blanket much of the former Soviet Union.

  4. Kazakhstan A Visit from Grandfather Frost

    Students of Russian School No. 1 in Chapaevo clamor for a gift from Grandfather Frost during the school's New Year celebration.

  5. Kazakhstan Woman Selling Shashlyk

    A woman at the bazaar in Shymkent hawking shashlyk, a form of shish kabab fameous throughout the former Soviet Union.

  6. Kazakhstan Making a Wish for a New Bride

    At bachellorette parties in Kazakhstan, it's tradition for the girls to form a circle in such a way and make a wish for the happiness of the new bride.

  7. Mozambique Obama Sighting

    Obama merchandise is a hot item in Mozambique!

  8. Mozambique Gone Fishing

    A lonely fisherman is out hoping for a big catch on the lagoon.

  9. Mozambique Market Dancing

    Some girls from my youth empowerment group performing in our local market.

  10. Fiji To Duplex or Not Duplex

    As we were walking to the office Fakaofo was at Fanny’s sitting in her umu chatting. He yelled, “Talofa” and said he needed to talk to me but would come to the office. When we arrived at the office the head teacher, Malipa, showed up with a panic look on her face.   She frantically informed me the toner on the copier had gone out and they didn’t know how to load the new cartridge. They were in the middle of final exams and had to delay them due to the lack of exam papers. “Didn’t Fakaofo com...

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