1. Georgia Nunu and Emily

    This is me and my host mom right after we made perashki together.

  2. Georgia Rooster

    This photo embodies my pre-service training village, Kvishkheti.

  3. Ghana Meeting the Ambassador

    I was in Ghana in 1974-76 and was there when Shirley Temple Black was the Ambassador. I had grown up knowing that she and I have the same birthday, April 23. On our birthday, April 23, 1976 I was in the capital city, Accra and decided to see if she would meet with me ( I had met her before at a Peace Corps dinner).  I went to the American Embassy and ran the doorbell and was greeted by the Marines at the front desk.  I explained that I was a Peace Corps volunteer who had the same birthday as ...

  4. Guyana Phagwah

    Celebrating the Hindu festival of colors, locals are powdered with various colors while singing, clapping and playing instruments. 

  5. Guyana Bike Market

    A way of selling... 

  6. Guyana Born to pose

    Neighborhood children flock to pose when the camera comes out. 

  7. Guyana Walking home

    Amerindian boy walking home

  8. Guyana Looking Out

    A young Guyanese looks out the window to enjoy the people passing by 

  9. Micronesia Fifi, Dandan, Karenkaren

    This photo is of my wife Karen (on the right) with a couple of the teenage girls in our host family. They are all wearing typical floral-print Trukese dresses and maramar garlands in their hair.

  10. Micronesia Bring the World Home -- Greg Knudsen in Chuuk, Micronesia

    This is a half-hour interview of ME by the Hawaii Returned Peace Corps Volunteers about my 1974-76 Peace Corps experience in Chuuk (formerly Truk), Federated States of Micronesia. The video was for HiRPCV's "Bring the World Home" and aired on Olelo (Hawaii's public-access cable channels) during Sep./Oct. 2010. It was recorded in Aug. 2010. Mahalo (thanks) to producer/interviewer Linda Chock. Links to other "Bring the World Home" videos are posted by the Hawaii Returned P...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.