1. Azerbaijan Looking at her new home

    After the wedding ceremony, the bride is driven in a line of honking cards where she views her new home for the first time. The furniture and decorations are provided by the bride's family as dowry.

  2. Gabon Flames of Peace

    The dry season is savanna-burning time. These kids, in the village of Nkoka in southern Gabon, playing at being daredevils, take turns leaping over the flames in their flip-flops and tattered clothing. When they see me take out my camera to capture the scene, they run toward me, and one of the boys raises his hand in a salute to Peace.

  3. Gabon For Your Birding Needs

    Peanut Butter the cat takes her birding seriously, and spends as much time as she can studying their habitats, calls, and plumage (so she will know what she's eating!)

  4. Gabon Cythar Sparks

    Papa Nzengui, a celebrated Gabonese cythar player, strikes a chord as sparks fly from a village fire- making it seem like magic is rising up with the music as he plays.

  5. Gabon Men at Work?

    This is a photo of the fuel station in Mayumba, during working hours. And it's not an unusual sight. In Mayumba, a town of about 3000 people, there are only two taxis and less than ten private cars. Once the bush taxis leave for the day, there's not much for the pump attendants to do... People around here joke that, at midday, you could take a nap on the street and be perfectly safe.  Indeed, I have seen a drunk man or two do just that. 

  6. Gabon Loumboulenga

    I took this photo during an environmental education tour around the Banio Lagoon villages, south of Mayumba, Gabon. This grandmother and her granddaughter allowed me to take their portrait in front of the bamboo cooking shack. It is my favorite photo of my entire stay in Gabon because her eyes seem to communicate the endurance a woman needs to survive village life. I imagine that I see the little girl's future - hope and innocence transformed into weariness and pride - in the old woman's eyes.

  7. Georgia A Typical Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia

    American Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia   Volunteering in a developing country for two years is probably exactly what you expect it to be -- a sparse water supply, gravel roads and an inordinate amount of farm animals.  Living in Georgia might bring out the inner hitchhiker or even the inner vegetarian in you. I wake up at six in the morning with the cocks.  At every hour of the day the cocks can be heard from any corner of my house, but they grow especially noisy at six in the morning, ju...

  8. Mozambique Scientist at Work!

    A young student demonstrates how to separate a mixture based on the properties of different substances for his science fair project.

  9. Kyrgyz Republic Not in My Own Words....

    I am a Nebraskan.  I wanted to join the Peace Corps since I was 8.  Then when I got to college I learned I had to finish college, that is what I did.  I worked my way through college with Peace Corps on my mind.  My Czech/Russian teacher one day started talking about me joining the military.  And I looked at her, with such a strange look, as if my eyes were quoting War and Peace: " screwing up his eyes."  She promised I wouldn't have to do basic training.  I didn't really belive it....

  10. Bulgaria A Tale of Two Minorities

    Suddenly, the music began to blare.  I turned to Katia, my counterpart, for an explanation.  “All the mehani (taverns) turn into discos at midnight.”  My glass of rakia (strong Bulgarian brandy) started teetering precariously close to the edge of our table as my fellow diners leapt to their feet and onto chairs, booths and, particularly impressive in stilettos, bar stools. Welcome to Bansko, Bulgaria.  As the pre-recorded music subsided, a group of Roma musicians took command of the rest...

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