1. Azerbaijan Hat maker

    The bazaar, popular local old man (and Volunteer!) winter hats

  2. Azerbaijan Flowers for sale!

    The bazaar, trying to lure suspecting guests to buy

  3. Azerbaijan Fruits and nuts!

    The bazaar, one of my last visits

  4. Azerbaijan Fish for sale

    The big bazaar, 3 hours north of my village

  5. Azerbaijan International Women's Day

    Flowers for teachers

  6. Azerbaijan Novruz at school, celebration of spring

    My students endulging in the few times they can play around in school

  7. Albania Trials of a vegetarian in Albania

    I had been living in Albania for 3 weeks when my host mother invited me to go on a road trip with her to see a dear old friend who lived across the country in Pogradec.  We made the grueling car ride, stuffed in the back seat of a very small car.  Once we arrived we settled in to the small town, went for a stroll along Lake Ohrid and then returned for dinner.  Her friend had prepared a "special" meal for me.  Let me first explain I had only been in Albania three weeks, I lived with ...

  8. Azerbaijan Ana

    Beautiful woman in my southeast village who treasured a late afternoon stroll as i did

  9. Brazil On the Skids

            On a Monday afternoon after Brunie and I had spent a weekend in the capital city, we caught a two o’clock bus back to Glória, a trip of 126 kilometers, close to 80 miles. At home, that might have been a 90 minute ride, but in Brazil’s interior, frequent stops on the unpaved road stretched the trip to at least four hours.         Brunie had been in Glória a full year before I arrived. I had been there only four months.         Brunie had explained that many people from the interior, u...

  10. Romania Blinding Me with Kindness

    In the village of Catumba, at my home in the region of Moldavia, this November sun welcomed me to begin another eventful day in Romania Peace Corps.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.