1. Madagascar My house

    Picture of my house in Betroka.

  2. Madagascar Malagasy man opening coconuts

    This guy was preparing an afternoon snack for us on Ile St. Marie.

  3. Madagascar Fishing boats in Diego

    These boats were on the beach during my spring break trip to Diego in April 2002.

  4. Iran My landlord

    My landlord was a haji originally from Yazd.  He was also the nafti, meaning he sold kerosene in an open vat on the first floor. The smell of kerosene permeated my apartment. i would carry twelve liters of kerosene up three flights of stairs to my apartment.  It had an ab o bargh number , i.e., water and electricity number, but no street address number since it had failed to pass the licensing inspection for safety.  The bricks were of low grade with insufficient cement and too much granualr ...

  5. Brazil Losing It in Brazil

    When I was in Brazil, there was a joke among Peace Corps Volunteers: Why did male volunteers lose weight? Because they cooked for themselves. Why did female Volunteers gain weight? Because they cooked for themselves. But, against odds, I lost approximately 30 pounds over the two years I lived in Brazil. I have several explanations for this. 1. First, I walked everywhere. I had no car or bike in Glória. In larger cities, I caught a bus only when I had to travel more than a few miles....

  6. Botswana Say What?!

    Anyone who has joined the Peace Corps understands what it means to be out of one’s comfort zone. It is not easy to feel vulnerable in a place that is supposed to be your home for two years. One of the contributors to fear and feeling out of place is the language barrier. Since coming to Botswana, I learned that overcoming my fears and doubts of speaking Setswana is easier than I thought. I have been in Botswana for one year and I can have a basic conversation with people, but I still can't f...

  7. Guyana Learning Resource Centre

    After working hard to raise money through PCPP, I was able to attain supplies and resources for our village's LRC. One of the favorites amoung the children was "Memory", a matching game with pictures of dinosaurs. Here, 2 sisters test their memory as we played together. 

  8. Mongolia Mongolian Sunset

    The most intense sunset I've ever seen, over the ger camp we stayed in on our first day in Mongolia (June 2006).

  9. Mongolia Anna Home

    This was a picture taken of me at a local street children's home in Choibalsan, Donod Aimag (Province) in Eastern Mongolia. Photo taken by fellow PCV Julie Moulton.

  10. Guyana School Graduation

    This is one of Aishalton's primary school students during his graduation.  The gowns are made by the child's family.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.