1. South Africa A rainy night kombi ride through the South African brush

    The town of Phoshiri where the Peace Corps assigned me to live is only reachable by bus.  There are no paved roads in or to the village.  The kombis (South Africa taxis) don’t run to the village and it’s not reachable by foot as it sits away through the bush on the side of a mountain over a river and 12 kilometers from the nearest ‘town.’                 My first three months in South Africa, it never rained.  Not once.  I have never gone so long in my life without seeing rain.  (Actually I’...

  2. Belize Meet me at the River

    This is a video documenting a normal day washing at Silver Creek in the Toledo District of Belize.  After serving two years my husband suggested we record my creek time because that is the thing I will miss the most when we finish our service in October of 2011. 

  3. Kazakhstan 7Sai State of Mind

    A music video, in English and Russian, that our students from English club filmed in their hometown of Zhetysai, Kazakhstan.

  4. Kazakhstan Kazakh Rock

    The kids from our English Club, in the midst of filming a music video about their hometown. On the town square in Zhetysai, in front of the statues of three Kazakh elders.

  5. Kazakhstan Happy Halloween!

    The women working at my school loved our Halloween costumes--and our American candy.

  6. Kazakhstan The Lesson's Never Over

    Walking home from a day of teaching, I found myself surrounded by a group of my 7th grade students who were eager to keep practicing their conversation skills.

  7. Vanuatu Cooking With Bamboo

    On the island of Paama, camping in the yam garden isn't unusual during the planting season.  I spent a few days in my adoptive family's yam garden in 2005 with some brothers and my Papa Edwin, seen here roasting bamboo stuffed with island cabbage and coconut milk for 'wasem maot' for the kava we chewed and drank as the sun went down.

  8. Mali Fast

    It's Pre-Service Training, it's Ramadan. This is how the days go. You wake up at four AM stumbling out from underneath your mosquito net with a full bladder, flashlight in hand, wiggling into flip flops and pressing the door open, careful not to touch the crickets inside the door frame, who stopped chirping, for once goddammit, when your flashlight turns on, flickering between gripping fingertips. You walk outside where the host sisters have prepared breakfast. Maybe you walk to the nyegan ...

  9. Brazil Precious Rain

    When I served in the Peace Corps in Brazil, I had no running water. The other PCV and I had to pay a neighbor to fetch water from a dam outside of town. Once a week, he strapped four large cans (each held about five gallons) to the sides of his donkey to carry water to us. There were water sources closer to town, but since those small ponds were used by many for washing clothes and watering animals, and we suspected the waste from the back yards of homes without outhouses ended up there, too,...

  10. Brazil Saving Water

    In the sertão ---the hinterland of northeastern Brazil ---there were years when it didn't rain at all. And even if it did, there was no running water, so people either had to carry water from a nearby dam or pay someone to do that or they might build a cisterna in the back yard to save rain water.  The ceramic-tile roofs were perfect for gathering water, for the rain ran to edge of the roof where it dropped into metal gutters that eventually carried the water to the cisterna which might be 12...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.