1. Azerbaijan Wide-Eyed

    The students in this elementary classroom were shocked to have an older PC volunteer and two of his Azeri college students help teach an English class. You gotta love these faces.

  2. Azerbaijan Novrus Celebration

    Students at Sheki Pedagogical Technicum celebrate the new growing season by dancing in traditional costumes around a bonfire. Zoroastrian traditions concerning fire, wind, water and earth govern this holiday.

  3. Bulgaria First Day of School

    Plamena and Julien, 10th graders at Tzar Simeon Vocational High School, commemorate the first school day of the year.

  4. Bulgaria The Commute Forward

    “Vasilena?” “She travels, Gospozha!” “Djunait?  He doesn’t travel, does he?” “No, he lives in town.  He should be here!” 10A and I enacted this little ritual every time I took roll call, every day for my first three months as an English teacher at Gimnazia Tzar Simeon. “Ivanka?” “She travels!” “Kristina?” “Travels!” “Lyudmila?” “Travels!” Ms. Dunn’s Professional English Class tends to fall near the first or the last class period of the day.  Ro...

  5. China Defying Gravity

    Classes are canceled, spring has arrived, and faculty, staff, and students at universities around this country thrill with excitement. In Chongqing, the usually staid and serious teachers gather out on the track in matching jumpsuits, waving banners and talking trash while they prepare to march before crowds of students cheering from the sidelines. Ride the wave of anticipation that resonates through the air as loudspeakers blare with spirited commentary and call out events—the long jump, the...

  6. Liberia Fishing in Lofa

    This is a photo of a neighbor girl who was out waist deep in the lagoon fishing with her grandmother, she came upon this nest and brought it out of the reeds to show me. The sun was setting and everything came out better than I could have planned.

  7. South Africa End of Celebration

    I had the opportunity to be invited to many weddings in and around my village.  I was always amazed at the amount of food that was prepared.  A cow was always killed for the celebration, then a sheep, plus the different types of porridge, pap, sour pap, gravy and more.  Here are all the pots cleaned up and ready to be delivered back to the rightful owners. 

  8. Thailand A Taste of Thailand

    I probably bike a good hour and a half each day -- which is good, getting some exercise in with all the food I'm eating. I take a shower when I get home, maybe wash my clothes by hand (not the most enjoyable of pastimes, and not intrinsically rewarding in some kind of hokey, sweat-and-blood sort of way, in case anyone idealizes that whole Wordsworthian "common man" mystique), and then wait around for dinner and by the time that's done I'm pretty spent so I usually jot a coup...

  9. Georgia Spring Collage

    Winter has finally passed in Georgia and people are out and about enjoying the beauty of Spring and the much awaited warm weather.

  10. Costa Rica Future Artists!

    I worked with the elementary school in the community so they can participate in OneWorld Classroom's International Art Exchange Prog. 37 students particpated and I took a pic of some of them at the end. We had a lot of fun! 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.