1. Cameroon Le pain H

    A typical breakfast in my village consisted of a mini-baguette filled with beans.  There were several names for this morning meal including, "Le pain H", et "Le Jazz avec le pain".

  2. Azerbaijan Waiting for the bus to leave.

    A Sheki Pedagogical Technicum (college) student looks over the town square (reflected in the bus window) while waiting for the bus to depart on the last big class event (a field trip/picnic) before graduation. .

  3. Azerbaijan The Long Wait

    I enjoyed greeting this gentleman as I passed his favorite resting place on a side street in Sheki.

  4. Georgia My Workspace

    Student presentations in the classroom.

  5. Morocco Goat in an argan tree

    During my first year of teaching English in the provincial capital of Taza, I met my husband at the marche in Fez.  He was working for a French oil company and during my second year of service, he was transferred to the region of Essaouira. We conducted a long-distance romance which included visits back and forth.  When I visited him in the south, I saw goats like this one climbing in the argan trees to eat the nutty, olive-size fruit.  

  6. Thailand A Guide to Knowing When You're in Trouble

    When the two of you start having things. A thing we had early on was sometimes during a conversation I would just stare at her and smile, partly because I enjoyed looking at her (she's a very look-atable gal), but mainly to annoy her, which worked magnificently. She would ask Mii arai? (What is it?) and I would play dumb and ask Mii arai? back and we'd have a little Mii arai? war until she'd get frustrated and snap Mai mii! (Nothing!) and I'd pretend to ponder over this and reach an und...

  7. South Africa Blue-headed Tree Agama

    A Blue-headed Tree Agama hanging out on a tree in the courtyard of our primary school.  Because they bob their head up and down, there is a myth among the villagers that they call down the lightning from the sky. 

  8. South Africa Bug on Our Windowsill

    This strange bug landed on the latch of our window at home. 

  9. South Africa Falling Bridges...

    Dumptruck full of sand fell through the bridge that divides the two sides of our village.  Until the bridge could be repaired it made it quite difficult for Woody and I to get to two of our three schools.

  10. South Africa Millipede...

    Millipede I found on our walk in the village.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.