1. Suriname swim hole

    my place to cool off

  2. Peru Small Business Development Projects in Peru 2008 - 2010

    I just finished serving as a Small Business Development volunteer in the Andean Mountains of Peru.  Here is my story.

  3. Benin bubble wrap

    This kid was my saving grace sometimes.  Always eating, always smiling, and continuously screaming my name.  

  4. Morocco Camp is Camp the World Around

    One of the best experiences I had during my Small Business Development service was shortly after I was assigned to a site near Marrakech.  The Wonderful Unexpected. A friend in Youth Development co-chaired the spring break English immersion camp near the Algerian border, and asked if I would help.  I got permission from my manager and traveled for two long days and night to get there.  We taught English every morning and had "club" in the afternoons.  Since my Darija (Moroccan Arabi...

  5. Uganda Cabbage patch

    Crop irrigation, Ugandan style.

  6. Honduras Turkey Bowl Honduras Style

    A few of us volunteers got together for Thanksgiving to play football(americano) at a local cow pasture.  The children from the town were out to watch.  Hondurans are often confused by football(americano), but maybe they understood a little more after this game.  

  7. Honduras Business Simulations

    Our Business group completed a business simulation with local students.  We taught them business skills, made products, and sold them all in a week.  All groups made a profit. 

  8. Honduras Farmer's Market in Honduras

    Don Bequer and Don Tobias selling tomates and sweet peppers in the newly organized farmer's market in Tomala, Honduras.

  9. Honduras World Map in Honduras

    A fellow volunteer and I completed the classic world map project in small villiage close to out site.  It was a great project to teach the children about geography.  I wanted to show friends and family back home how it works. 

  10. Senegal Carrying water

    As Volunteers, we learn to live like our community members, including carrying water from the well on our heads!  Pictured: Jen Newton and Laurel Gladish, both Senegal '07-'09

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.