1. Honduras Trading Technologies

    I wield a navaja, or sharp knife, as I peel an orange for Eduardo, while he tries to figure out my camera.

  2. Kenya The Little Rose on Ngong Road

    I have become accustomed to seeing groups of school children walking for miles, all in their school uniforms, to and from school every day. Some of the groups are made up of 10 kids or more, some are groups of 4 and occasionally I will see them 2 by 2 – but I don’t remember in rural Kenya ever seeing a single school child walking alone. So I remember for just a second, that when I first caught sight of The Girl on Ngong Road, that seeing this young (probably about 7) school girl walkin...

  3. Namibia Peace Corps Group 32 Namibia

    Using the long exposure feature on my camera, my fellow Peace Corps volunteers from group 32 in Namibia assisted in illuminating the night using only our flashlights to spell out "Peace Corps 32". 

  4. Guatemala Old timers keeping the tradition

    Few towns exist where men still use traje in Guatemala.  These guys show their pride-

  5. Guatemala PCV´s

    Having fun

  6. Guatemala View of town

    My town at it´s essence, fog & corn fields.

  7. Guatemala Helicpoter ride

    Taking over the kiddie rides in town at night.

  8. Guatemala Kid Float


  9. Guatemala Just Waiting

    Can´t remember why...but these guys were just hanging out.

  10. Guatemala Waiting for el Presidente

    Local welcome wagon waiting for the President to show up

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.