1. Mozambique Composting in Mabote

    PCV Julie Brickman teaches her Mozambican neighbor and colleague how to build a compost pile.

  2. Namibia Gardening workshop in Namibia

    Learning how to garden using local resources and effective techniques for Namibia. The workshop included PCVs and host country nationals.

  3. Kazakhstan One Cow, Five Months

    Here is Morat showcasing the meat from a recently slaughtered cow. The beef, which spanned two table lengths, will feed him and his family for quite some time. When asked for how long, he succinctly responded, "One cow, five months."

  4. Kazakhstan The Heart of the Matter

    Here my friend, Morat, showcases a cow heart, picked up from a table featuring beef recently slaughtered and placed out on the tables in their winter room. The meat from one cow covered up to two tables altogether. The meat was frozen and used throughout the year. With temperatures dropping as low as -40 C, there wasn't really a need for freezers. Gotta love the man's meat pride.

  5. Niger I had a horse in Africa

    When I was growing up, I was a horse fanatic.  I knew everything about horses--except how to actually ride.  Eventually, I grew out of that.  But shortly after college, I found myself as an agriculture/rural development Volunteer in Anam Tondi, Niger, 8 km through the sand to Ouallam, the nearest market town.  Peace Corps gave us transportation options.  I tried a mountain bike, but quickly (after one trip) realized that 8 km in the sand in 110 degree heat was not what "Outside" mag...

  6. Philippines Fisherfolk Family

    One of the fisherfolk families in Barangay (village) Magsaysay that my counterparts and I worked with standing in front of their traditional Filipino home, a Nipa hut. 

  7. Micronesia Basketball at the school?

    I was struck by how this was set up. The small plane came to a delapidated building where they would check in people for flights. This was located on school property and at the end of the basketball court- which had a hoop on a coconut tree trunk and patchy grass/sand/coral floor... if you could call it that. The dispensary was also on the property.

  8. Gabon Travel overland in Gabon

    June 16th, 1980    The African Experience: You asked for it, 24 hours later.  Well, it all started on a Monday misty morning. There I was up bright and early at 6:15 AM, waiting, waiting, waiting......until noon .  Why the delay? The driver is going all over town(Oyem) picking up riders going to Libreville and wanting to maximize profits, he is now waiting for more riders. We can't leave until the van is full.  Oh well, a late start but I am grateful that we are finally moving.  To my left an...

  9. Thailand Talking Crops and Weather

    Just like home, famers spend a lot of time talking about the crops and weather.  This was a project to raise fish in the rice paddy.  A deep water area was excavated for the fish to stay in during the hot part of the day.  The fish would eat insects in the rice and fertilize it as well, and provide a profitable addition to small acreages.

  10. Thailand Me with my homestay family

    During training, we spent 2 weeks in a village in Nakorn Sawan, learning Thai during the day and lifeways in the evening.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.