1. Senegal Night Braids

    My best friend, Dou braiding my hair in the dark one last time.

  2. Senegal Learning

    My two little brothers reciting what they learned in class that day. The best way to get information across is to incorporate karate moves.

  3. Senegal Village Women

    These lovely women were walking back to their village in the southern Kaolack region of Senegal.

  4. Senegal Lunch

    Anyone Hungry?

  5. Senegal "White person, your hair is so pretty. But, your body is dirty."

    For eighteen months, I lived in Senegal, West Africa.  For eighteen months, I listened to strangers, acquaintances and, at times, my closest friends refer to me as “toubab.” Toubab is the name given to white foreigners. Sometimes it’s used as an identifier.  I would hear my sister say over the phone, “You know, Bienta Toubab.”  Which was important because I was living in a family that had four women named Bienta. But it was still hard.  It was never, “Bienta Voluteer,” since I ...

  6. Philippines A Home Sweet Home

    This was certainly one of the best times in my entire life! This was certainly the favorite place that I have lived. Remembering the quiet and profound friendship continues to help me know my center.

  7. Ecuador Top Grads

    The Spanish introduced sheep to Ecuador in the early 16th century. Nearly 500 years later, the animals there now look nothing like their ancestors. The Andean Criollo sheep are tough yet small. They produce very little meat and the quality of their wool is poor.  I was able to get a grant and purchased 40 purebred Merino from New Zealand. I gave five to each of the eight schools in the Parroqia. I then did a number of classes on small animal husbandry. At the end of the year, the top graduat...

  8. Ecuador Cooking with Vesinos

    As a fresh-out-of-college volunteer, I wasn’t much of a chef. Fortunately, I had neighbors who were. They would periodically come over and give me lessons. They taught me how to prepare guinea pigs, quinoa, locro soup, seco de pollo, lomo salteado and other popular Andean dishes. As you can tell from this picture taken in my kitchen, I was extremely grateful!     

  9. Ecuador Kids & Cuyes

    Cuyes or guinea pigs make for great pets. In Ecuador though, they're also considered a delicacy. Buen provecho!   

  10. Moldova Duck herding

    Here in Moldova ducks are a common food source and learning to herd them can be a tricky process.  Luckily, my neighbor was a great teacher and I quickly learned the important techniques of keeping my quacking friends in line.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.