1. Democratic Republic of Congo Pizza Pizza

    Idudu, businessman/largest local bread producer and family had never had pizza.  So we made a deal, if he provided the dough, I would bring the tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni and we would bake pizza in his bread oven. 

  2. Nicaragua The Joy of Chickens

    My women's group organized a project to raise chickens, staring with just 12 hens and one rooster. This project brought them better nutrition from eggs and meat, as well as a small business opportunity selling eggs to the local community. This photo was taken when the chickens arrived.

  3. Nicaragua Peace Corps Agricultural Training

    Learning to build terraces - the hard, sweaty way! 

  4. Nicaragua Peace Corps training

    Fellow volunteer Matt August and I teaching a class on forest ecosystems for the first time in Spanish after about 3 weeks of training. 

  5. Democratic Republic of Congo Mukobo's harvest

    Fish farmer Mukobo and family at his first harvest.  The fish he raised was Tilapia nilotica. 

  6. Democratic Republic of Congo Three Musketeers - Congo style

    Forest leaves make for good hats to protect yourself from the hot tropical sun while waiting for the pond to drain to harvest your fish.

  7. Democratic Republic of Congo Fish farming - A family affair

    Filling the pond compost bin with the boys.

  8. Senegal After the Rains

    This photo was taken the day after a big rain.  The path was flooded, and you can see the towers from the village Mosque in the distance.

  9. Haiti A Tale of Two Countries: Father and Son in the Peace Corps

    A Tale of Two Countries Father and Son in the Peace Corps By Mason Robbins, RPCV, Haiti 1999-2001, and Joel Robbins, RPCV, Azerbaijan, 2007-2009 Mason--We like to be able to boast to others, “Been there, done that.” Saying it makes us feel older, more experienced, wiser, more proud and condescending, maybe, when we are young. Saying it to my 63-year-old father makes me proud. Not proud of me, proud of him. My father served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Azerbaijan from 2007 ...

  10. Senegal Bath Time

    Baby sister, Ami (aka Jessica) enjoying the fact she is small enough to hang out in the bucket.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.