1. Guatemala Carrying Yefferson

    An old grandmother carries her grandson, Yefferson, on her back while another grandchild peeks from the house

  2. Guatemala Spinning Wool

    An "anciano", ancient, spins wool in an indigenous village

  3. Guatemala Easter Procession

    Women carry flowers in the Semana Santa Procession

  4. Guatemala Easter Fish

    Doña Ana prepares a traditional fish soup for Easter

  5. Guatemala Kata Planting

    Kata plants radish seed in her newly-tilled garden

  6. Bolivia Animal Delivery

    Our group worked in conjunction with Heifer Project, now know as Heifer International. I was envolved in the receiving, quarentine, and distribution of donated animals from the U.S. This afforded me the opportunity to see many villages and individuals in two major parts of Bolivia. This photo shows me (in the western hat) and a group of men who have just received purebred sheep.  This was in early 1965 or late 1964 near Torolapa, Cochabamba. There was no local supply of pruebred breeding stoc...

  7. Sierra Leone Modu and Eh Wan

    Modu lived across the road from me . . . and loved to come visit and hang out with me and my dog Eh Wan

  8. India A Different Way to Achieve Immortality

    I opened the paper some months ago and came across a funny article about ear hair that transported me back to my Peace Corps days in village India, over half a lifetime ago. The article was by local columnist David Shapiro, who must be about my age – give or take a few summers – because he wrote, quite entertainingly, about a battery-powered ear- and nose-hair trimmer, a gift idea for males, like me, who have started on their second half-century. “Can you imagine if teen-agers had...

  9. Senegal Lucky in Love

    Sept-place rides were usually exercises in mental oblivion.  Two hours on horrible, pitted Senegalese roads was enough to make anyone fear for their safety, and my usual companions in shared sept-place cars were annoying young men brimming with marriage proposals.  I preferred to sleep or bury my nose in a book.  But one afternoon I ended up beside a pleasant-faced woman who introduced herself, in perfect English, as Anta. “I live in Kaolack,” she explained, “But I grew up in The Gambia.  Fa...

  10. Senegal Prized Possession

    Adama was so proud of his new horse, he insisted on a picture of himself with it.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.