1. Guatemala Break

    An old Mayan woman takes a break from weaving

  2. Georgia Mother and Daughter

    Mother and daughter back-strap weave for hours a day on their porch. 

  3. Guatemala Watching

    A Mayan couple watch dancing at a fair, dressed their best. 

  4. Guatemala The Harvest

    A field worker holds the harvest in his hands with a harvesting tool hanging around his wrist

  5. Guatemala Ring for the Dead

    A Mayan man rings the bell for each "muerto" in his family on Dia de Todos Santos

  6. Guatemala Timid Pride

    Ana poses by her weaving proudly. 

  7. Guatemala An Offering

    An old Mayan man offers a passion fruit picked from his tree

  8. Guatemala Preparing the Garden

    Ana gently works her tiny garden in preparation of planting. 

  9. Guatemala Juan's Radio

    Don Juan falls asleep listening to his radio in the front yard

  10. Guatemala Los Volcanes

    A view of the volcanoes that surround Lake Atitlan

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.