1. Botswana Xi and I: Tales from the Kalahari

    In the semi-blockbuster movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, the protagonist, Xi, a bushman from Botswana, finds a Coca-Cola bottle in the Kalahari Desert. The bottle, dropped from a plane, is hitherto unknown to Xi and his people. As the story unfolds the mystery and newfound significance of this “gift from God” turns Xi’s uncomplicated world upside down. Separate characters appear and plotlines evolve–most affecting emotions and encounters Xi never had before–but the central theme is that the bott...

  2. Senegal Ouli

    My little brother, Ouli, gets very excited whenever I get my bike out to go anywhere. He gets even more excited when I sit him on it.

  3. Malawi hippos

    These are hippos seen from the local Hippo Bar; a place where we could have soft drinks and watch Hippos. Never get between hippos and the water.

  4. Malawi learning to build a fire in the bush

    This woman was my Peace Corps trainer. We are on a village visit. She is teaching me how to build a fire from scratch in the bush to cook.

  5. Zimbabwe zambezi river elephant

    This was an elephant I saw crossing the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe while on a canoe trip for 2 weeks.

  6. Zimbabwe zambezi river elephants

    I took a 2 week long canoe trip down the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe. This was an elephant herd I saw crossing the river in front of team of three canoes.

  7. Niger Allah kawo ruwa

    Village men pray for rain. 

  8. Niger Not my sector

    After being installed in the tiny village of Ichirnawa at the start of my service, my days consisted of walking around, greeting people in Hausa, getting to know my neighbors, and adjusting to daily life. One place I liked to sit in the morning was at the 2-room health clinic, where the nurse spoke French and there was always a pot of tea brewing. One day within my two weeks in the village I was hanging around at the health clinic as usual with my friend the nurse. He disappeared inside, and ...

  9. El Salvador Anniversary Celebrations

    The local youth group decided to celebrate the community's anniversary by bringing back an old tradition that they did in exile during the civil war. There statement is clear. "We are Here!!"

  10. Fiji Just throw it in the dirt until it's cooked...

    Here, our Turaqa ni Koro is preparing a lovo, earth oven, for our welcoming lunch. A traditional lovo is a fire made in a pit lined with heat resistant stones. When the stones are hot from the fire the food wrapped in banana leaves or set in coconut bilos is placed in the pit and covered with soil and leaves until ready to eat!

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.