1. Fiji Ice Cream Soup

    The children are swarming around Filo who is dishing out melted ice cream at a church picnic. The ice cream was brought from the nearest grocery store across the Somosomo straight on a hour long fiber boat ride. By the time it reached the island it was totally melted - but the kids didn't seem to mind!

  2. Fiji Fakaala All the Time

    The Kioans pride themselves on celebrations and what makes the best celebration - food. The more food, the wealthier you are, the more celebrated the individual (whether a birthday or funeral or wedding). We are probably the only Peace Corps Volunteers who actually gain weight during our service!

  3. Fiji Warrior Moves

    The men perform warrior dances during the fatele, traditional dance, as they tell their history. The traditional costume includes flowers and plants native to the island.

  4. Fiji Traditional Moves

    This is our friend Filo performing the fatele, traditional dance. The Kioans record their history only in songs - nothing is written down. So they pass their stories to their children during holidays, funerals, and celebrations by singing and dancing.

  5. Fiji Peace Corps Volunteer's Unite!

    This year being Peace Corps' 50th anniversary, and most PCVs being somewhat famous in the communities they serve, there is an initiative underway by PCVs and RPCVs to have a current PCV appear on this season's TV show "Dancing with the Stars".  Most PCVs are famous in the communities they serve, so we think if fitting to push for this - Also it would not only shed light on Peace Corps but hopefully inspire others to volunteer in general! We ask for your support by watching ...

  6. Fiji A Peace Corps Volunteer's Wish

    As a PCV you are in the public eye as a representative of the United States --- representing the best of America’s hopes and dreams by assisting other countries. Please watch my video to learn how a Peace Corps Volunteer is like a star! More details on my Peace Corps experience: www.courtneyraysplaceofbloggage.blogspot.com

  7. Fiji First Visit to Site

    We made it back from our site visit yesterday and are recouping from a whirlwind travel experience. It is hard to recall everything as it seemed like we experienced so much during the short time we where there. It is all very exhausting trying to soak in the details of your future home for the next two years in addition to learning the logistics of how the heck to get there. That was an adventure in itself.   If you have ever traversed a third world country using more than one type of transp...

  8. Fiji Test Results Are In

    Students in Fiji take standardized tests just like in America. On our island the leaders and community gather together while the students are testing. There is a service, prayer, and a feast celebrating the expected results. After the test is completed and sealed the teacher goes over the tests with the kids because they are so anxious to see how well they did!

  9. Fiji Fatele Fancy Feet

    We were stationed on Kioa Island in Fiji. It was a unique situation because the island was inhabited by a group of Polynesians in the midst of Melanesian Fiji. Kioa was bought in 1946 by the people of Vaitupu, an island in the nation of Tuvalu, with money earned from American Armed Forces during WWII and settled October 26, 1947 by 37 original settlers. The Tuvaluans brought with them only their culture, religion, and lifestyle - which have been preserved and are still in tact today. This i...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.