1. Brazil Powerless

    "Technology gives us power, but it doesn't make us happy." ---one of my husband's insightful observations.   When I lived in the small interior town of Glória during my Peace Corps service, a generator, known simply as “a máquina” (the machine) provided electricity in my section of the sertão (the Brazilian hinterland.) Zé (short for José) ran the máquina. He was of the same political party as the mayor, perhaps a relative. I understand that for several years before I arrived, while...

  2. Brazil Festa de São João

    In Glória on June 24th, we celebrated the Festa de São João, St. John's Day, celebrating John the Baptist. Like many religious holidays, the celebration had little to do with religion. This festival has been celebrated in Portugal for more than 600 years. It has sacred roots but is also mixed with pagan traditions. In Glória, it was sort of a cross between Sadie Hawkins Day and Trick or Treating. The ginásio (high school) where I taught sponsored a quadrilha, which was similar to square danci...

  3. Chile Peace Corps Was The Start Of A Long Road

    I arrived in Chile in September of 1966, in the middle of the annual Independence Day celebrations.  My group was trained in Albuquerque, NM, to work with credit co-operatives.  My first post was the town of Quillota, a quiet agricultural town about 80 miles from Santiago, the capital. My first months were spent making tentative attempts at doing my job, reading books from my book locker, riding my bicycle around town, and taking the train to the port of Valparaiso to take Spanish lessons an...

  4. Brazil A Little "Peace" of Heaven

            Most Americans, used to being connected to the rest of the world twenty-four hours each day via wireless phone, television, and computer, may find it inconceivable for anyone to give up the most basic of creature comforts. Yet there are thousands of Americans willing to sacrifice such conveniences for an experience of a lifetime. Currently, nearly 9000 Peace Corps Volunteers work in 76 countries to teach children, protect the environment, start new businesses, and provide health servi...

  5. Guyana Barefooted Rodeo

    Cowboys participate in a rodeo barefooted every Easter in the Rupunni

  6. Guyana Cashews

    Fruit that smells like a rose, soft and white inside like a pear. Yummy

  7. Guyana Tough Stuff

    Freckles, host puppy and guard dog by day and night.  

  8. Guyana Enjoying the sunset

    Sometimes a cat knows the best way to live. 

  9. Guyana Loving neighborhood friend.

    Good thing these are not man eating. Encountering one of these in the air when you are walking is like trying to dodge a huge bullet. 

  10. Guyana Beware of dem holes in da bridge

    Road shut down for hours.... expect some major delays 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.