1. Guyana Oh snap!

    Our Community Development Officer, Mr. Douglas snaps his finger after just missing the target with his traditional bow and arrow at our Amerindian Heritage Day. 

  2. Suriname projects

    Two Peace Corps projects have consumed most of my time.  The first is continuing to train the Park Rangers in using a laptop computer.  We had to send our laptop into the city for six weeks which was a bit of a setback.  The tutoring is slow due to the newness of them using a keyboard and mouse for the first time however we’re starting to see progress which is mutually satisfying.  I have received a new laptop which I’m hoping is a little more reliable. On the second project a group of ...

  3. Suriname bricks

    handmade bricks for the bakery.  Only 273 more to go

  4. Suriname swim hole

    my place to cool off

  5. Suriname tranquil moment

    on the river

  6. Peru Small Business Development Projects in Peru 2008 - 2010

    I just finished serving as a Small Business Development volunteer in the Andean Mountains of Peru.  Here is my story.

  7. Bolivia Animal Delivery

    Our group worked in conjunction with Heifer Project, now know as Heifer International. I was envolved in the receiving, quarentine, and distribution of donated animals from the U.S. This afforded me the opportunity to see many villages and individuals in two major parts of Bolivia. This photo shows me (in the western hat) and a group of men who have just received purebred sheep.  This was in early 1965 or late 1964 near Torolapa, Cochabamba. There was no local supply of pruebred breeding stoc...

  8. Peru Curious about the new machine

    This photo exemplifies the differences between the traditional cultures that live off the land and the culture of the sky. The former usually saw airplanes only in the sky; seeing one up close and personal was mystifying.

  9. Colombia Give a Man a Fish.Teach a Boy to Fish...

    Boys fishing on a pier on Baru Island, off of Cartagena, Colombia

  10. Colombia USA in the shade

    Our flag being very helpful

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.