1. Moldova Our teacher

    My seven year old host nephew teaching my host mom and I how to say our R's.

  2. Ukraine Embroidery as Far as the Eye Can See

    In Western Ukraine, the Hutsuls are renowned for their embroidery.  There are many different groups (similar to clans) that each have their own recognizable style.  Every year there is a festival to celebrate Hutsul culture in Verhovena and other places.  This picture shows one vendor's embroidery for sale. 

  3. Ukraine A Long, Wonderful Winter

    Winters in Ukraine are very long and very cold.  However, sunny days always bring people out.  This picture shows two typical Kosiv men sitting on a wool blanket that was woven in Kosiv with some beautiful homes in the background.  The men are hauling a "sleigh" that is full of hay that was cut and stored in the spring/summer.  Horse-drawn vehicles are a typical sight in Kosiv.  It is called a sleigh because of the "skates" used in winter instead of wheels (which are found...

  4. Ukraine Valentine's Everywhere

    As the first Peace Corps Volunteer (and practically the first American) in the small town of Kosiv in western Ukraine, it took a while for trust to be built.  Being invited to the Valentine's Day festivities at the local primary school was very special.  These two little children were chosen as the "king and queen" of Valentine's Day and happily danced for everyone.

  5. Georgia Dragging With Time

    Regardless of how many projects or activies you are involved with, time always seems to be abundant.  This is a short film about time dragging on and fighting the inevitable boredom. 

  6. Moldova Making Cheese!

    Making homemade goat cheese with my host mother Galina.

  7. Azerbaijan You're it!

    A lively game of tag at a PCV-organized summer camp in Neftchala, Azerbaijan.

  8. Georgia Host Family Fun

    Playing the "maze game" with host family and friends. 

  9. Azerbaijan Besh Barmaq Dagh

    Besh Barmaq Dagh, literally five-finger mountain, is one of the holiest places in the Caucasus range. A side view has five pinnacles that rise over a thousand feet above sea level. The front view shows the mosque and the trail to the top used by Muslim pilgrims who visit the dark rocks to pray.

  10. Azerbaijan Waiting for the bus to leave.

    A Sheki Pedagogical Technicum (college) student looks over the town square (reflected in the bus window) while waiting for the bus to depart on the last big class event (a field trip/picnic) before graduation. .

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.