1. Georgia Home

    My town in the mountains

  2. Georgia Fishing

    Waiting for a catch!

  3. Georgia Fishing

    Waiting for something to catch.  Hopefully it's a fish.

  4. Georgia Move Please!

    Cows always are in the way.

  5. Georgia Winter Time

    Heavy snow in Georgia

  6. Georgia Up The Mountain I Go

    Heading to my village in the mountains.

  7. Uzbekistan Doppas

    Uzbekistan is one of those “stan” countries, a part of the former Soviet Union, a predominantly Muslim country with legendary cities of Samarkand and Bukhara, but it had been practically unvisited by tourists for over a hundred years. I had no idea what to expect there as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and nobody could tell me much either. At age 56, I had traveled the globe extensively on business and pleasure, and I felt up to anything. Besides, as it turned out, there really was no way that...

  8. Czech Republic Meeting with the future of the Czech Republic

    Much of my time was spent teaching ecological concepts to teachers and students - often in Czech. Here I meet with future leaders and decision-makers of the Caech Republic.

  9. Czech Republic Meeting with Peace Corps Director Carol Bellamy

    I had the opportunity to meet with Peace Corps Director Carol Bellamy in 1995. Here I explain a food web activity that I developed. 

  10. Kyrgyz Republic Coming of Age

    Sometime toward the end of my Peace Corps service I had a revelation: being a grown-up is hard. When you're a kid, you have this idea that all your problems can be easily solved by some person you perceive to be a "grown-up." When you've got a serious problem you need help with it’s great to be on the kid side, but, as I joined the Peace Corps straight out of college, I've only recently started to experience things from the other side, and that's not so great. A friend of mine, a f...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.