1. Georgia bug-schizo

    “My house is a balanced ecosystem,” I explained to my two newest couchsurfers, in-between bouts against a large tarantula like spider, using a blue nalgene water bottle as my weapon of choice.  They were two girls, traveling from Turkey through the Caucasus and back to Turkey.  While on the road, they had explained the hospitality of Caucasian men (in their instance, primarily Armenian men) and how they were near constantly being followed, honked at and groped.  They fled from there quickly b...

  2. Romania Laundry at home

    Washing clothes at home. In the winer I had to use rubber gloves to protect my hands from the very cold water.

  3. Macedonia Another day in the fields

    I ran into friends from a local village and they are always willing to smile for the camera.  This mother was coming back from the fields and I begged the young daughter to hop up on the donkey for a photo.  I don't know who did the better convincing - a whining, begging PCV or a mother with a quick, warning look.

  4. Macedonia US family meets PC family

     My family was visiting from the States and we couldn't let their visit go by without a good old fashion Macedonian picnic, complete with pictures!  Macedonians make everyone feel like family and that is what happened on this special day!

  5. Macedonia Hiking with family

    Sonia and Tosho; friends that became instant family.  Hiking was a great way to learn about each other and our different cultures.

  6. Macedonia True love; a girl and her dog

    Dimbo was his name and he was my best friend throughout pre-service training! 

  7. Macedonia Making Ivar

    This was our very first experience with making Ivar, a red pepper spread.  It is a day long process and once the Americans got out of bed, our host father took a lot of pride teaching us the whole process.  Other than spending great quality time together, eating the end result was the best part of the day!!

  8. Macedonia A ride around the neighborhood

    This picture took place during our first month living with our host family.  My host mother told me something in Macedonia and, as usual, I had no clue what she was saying, but followed her out the door.  What a fun surprise to see our chariot waiting to take us for a ride around the block!

  9. Moldova Peace Corps Moldova 50th Anniversary Tribute

    Song by Tim Hornsby, Brandon McKeel, and Jeremy Taglieri Video and all footage taken by Yoel Malashock

  10. Georgia Makin cha-cha

    cha-cha aka homemade vodka

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.