1. Bulgaria AIDS Is Not A Game

    Two peer educators conducting an HIV/AIDS Jeopardy game during a World AIDS Day celebration.

  2. Bulgaria Awarenes

    I'm discussing the significance of the an activity during a World AIDS Day celebration.

  3. Bulgaria Honor

    A group of veterans carry flags during a celebration for philosophers in my town.

  4. Bulgaria Halloween Costumes

    A group of youth volunteers from the town pose for a photo after the Halloween celebration.

  5. Bulgaria Halloween Celebration

    A girl helps her friend with her costume in preparation for a Halloween celebration.

  6. Bulgaria Pumpkin Carving

    A boy carving a pumpkin in preparation for a Halloween celebration.

  7. Bulgaria The Struggles of the Young

    One of the boys from the center where I work attempts to carve open a pumpkin so that it can be gutted.

  8. Bulgaria The Gauntlet

    The losing team has to accept defeat by getting blasted with leftover water balloons.

  9. Bulgaria Summer Fun

    One team is trying to toss a balloon in unison in a game during a summer camp. 

  10. Georgia Mother and Daughter

    Mother and daughter back-strap weave for hours a day on their porch. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.