1. Azerbaijan Sign Language Club

    I taught simple American Sign Language at the Family Support Center (formerly Save the Children). I was inspired because I had a student who was deaf in my second grade class last year. Her teacher would always take her out of my class because she said she didn't need to be there. I learned that she was deaf. I asked if she was learning how to speak sign language and was told that her parents did not want her to speak with her hands. Her parent's plan was to have her go to school until she wa...

  2. Georgia New Year's Eve Fireworks

    An amazing fireworks display in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, ringing in 2011. Families all over town launched fireworks into the sky that they had bought from street vendors the week before. More at www.seanandmckinze.com.

  3. Kyrgyz Republic How I joined the Peace Corps--from Ecuador to Kyrgyzstan

      Up until the age of 16, I had no idea of what I wanted to be as an adult.  Then, in 1999, one event changed that and put me on an 11 year path towards serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  This is the story of that event.  I was living in Riobamba, Ecuador as a foreign exchange student.  I lived with a host family in a second story apartment on a street near the town’s market.  Every morning, after breakfast, I would sit on the family’s little patio outside the kitchen and drink coffee and w...

  4. Uzbekistan World Holiday Traditions Warm an American Heart


  5. Azerbaijan Azerbyegone

    I wrote this song and filmed this video the day before I left the United States for 2 years to volunteer in the Peace Corps in Azerbaijan. It is dedicated to my friends and family who continue to keep in contact with me even though I'm thousands of miles away.      

  6. Azerbaijan Magical Azerbaijan

    In a village just outside of Sheki, Azerbaijan lies this beautiful 13th century church set against a backdrop of the Greater Caucasus mountain range.  To get here, my two good friends and I took an old, rickety marshrutka (think Soviet-era cargo bus complete with side benches and holes in the floor) up the hill from Sheki to Kish. As we got off the bus to pay our nominal 25 cent fare, the driver smiled, politely refused our payment, welcomed us as his guests, and then continued rolling down ...

  7. Kazakhstan September 1st

    September 1st celebration marking the first day of the school year in Kazakhstan.

  8. Georgia Didube Bazaar

    A short walking tour through a typical Georgian bazaar. Note the ubiquitous dead chickens on a table - not something you normally see back in the States! More videos and pictures at www.seanandmckinze.com.

  9. Georgia Village Art Day

    Kids, art and community-building in Kvibisi, the small village where we spent our Pre-Service Training.

  10. Azerbaijan Mountains in Naxchivan

    This photo was taken during the 2010 Novrus holiday on our way to visit a holy place in the mountains.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.