1. Bulgaria Confusion

    This student makes every class completely worth it because I always know what he's thinking (especially if he's understanding) based on his expression. 

  2. Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Kurban Bayram

    Turkmen have an interesting tradition for Kurban Bayram (the feast of the sacrifice) where they will swing on giant swings. It is said that if you swing a certain number of times on the swing during the 3 days of Kurban Bayram an angel will come and take away your sins. 

  3. Turkmenistan Teke Turkmen Bash Salmak

    This is a tradition that Teke women do after they have a wedding. The married women and single girls from the groom's family will wrestle for the new bride's womanhood. As you can see it gets pretty intense! Also, don't mess with Dayzas... they are strong women! 

  4. Bulgaria Ain't No River Wide Enough

    2010 TEFL Academy in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. The newest PCVs were teaching a class of 3rd Graders "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" for a performance later that week.

  5. Bulgaria Oh No You Didn't...

    In training, my host family got a new kitten who decided she was the new dog.

  6. Bulgaria Charging with giants

    I've spent the last two years working towards the empowerment and integration of Roma youth in a small town in South-West Bulgaria. You haven't truly lived until you've seen 200 of the world's most overlooked kids get to be the center of someone's world for a few hours. This past spring, while on a humanitarian tour throughout Bulgaria, a dozen college and professional basketball players spent an afternoon in the school yard of the segregated elementary school in the Roma ghetto playing games...

  7. Moldova Sleigh Ride

    In my village of Gordineşti, Moldova, it is not an uncommon sight to see cows, herds of goats, or horse drawn carts.  I love in the winter time, though, when the horse sleighs come out!

  8. Turkmenistan Türkmenbaşy mosque in the morning

    During training I lived in a village next to Türmenbaşy metjit (mosque), a huge building reputed to have the tallest minarets in Central Asia.  People didn't go there often, but it was certainly always in view.  It was always stunning to have this in sight every morning, a grand (or intimidating depending on the day) view as I headed to language training every morning.  The only people in the streets at that time are students headed to school.

  9. Azerbaijan Watching the Novruz Bonfires

    My neighbor watching the Novruz bonfires with wonder. Jump over these three times and say a little prayer to burn your bad karma from last year away to start the year fresh. 

  10. Azerbaijan Sign Language Club

    I taught simple American Sign Language at a Family Support Center in my city. I was inspired because I had a student who was deaf in my second grade class last year. Her teacher would always take her out of my class because she said she didn't need to be there. I learned that she was deaf. I asked if she was learning how to speak sign language and was told that her parents did not want her to speak with her hands. Her parent's plan was to have her go to school until she was in 4th form, and t...

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