1. Georgia Summer fun

    Enjoying summer with my new host family and friends along with fellow volunteers.

  2. Georgia PST Georgia 2010

    My time during Peace Corps training.

  3. Turkmenistan Ashgabat City At Night

    Although they don't have much in the way of traffic now, the capital city is well prepared with wide roads and street lamps for when that day finally comes. Flying into the city at night, the colorful array of lights is quite impressive.

  4. Moldova Cross-cultural Shopping: A Goal Two Story?

    Last Sunday, I went to the supermarket in my neighborhood to pick up staples for the week. I buy certain things every day, because some products don’t last very long and the stores are on my way, but I need food for the animals, cleaning products and certain Moldovan foods that I’ve come to depend on, as well as lunch food for the week. I bought a large container of a salad I enjoy, some beer and cheese and meat and all the beverages I need for a week or so. This trip I had remembered to bri...

  5. Armenia Wolf Story

    Verbatim conservation about wolves dictated by Will Dickinson. Sometime during the winter that never seemed to end 05’. Dusk I am walking home…..  Thinking: Just finished a marathon language class. My head is about to explode. Of course I need a walk. Why I am studying this language? How is this going to help me in the future?   Continues to the open plains around Jermuk inhabited by wolves and bears.   Lost in his thoughts he forgets to watch where he is going avoid a hash(sp?) party.   1st...

  6. Bulgaria Cultural Exchange

    An American high school student from the capital city has been leading a photography interest group with my kids at the Roma middle school in town. Each child had the chance to take photos with disposable cameras as a photo assignment. Here, the American student is interviewing each child about the photos they took, and will later write an article about the kids and their creative inspiration for the biggest English news agency in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

  7. Turkmenistan A Turkmenistan Wedding Movie

    Turkmen weddings, or Toys, are not to be missed. Seriously. Even my COS date was commented upon not because I was leaving (perhaps never to return) but because it meant I would miss my cousin's wedding. They are the social event of the week, although even in some small villages, you may have 2 or 3 other Toys to attend that same week...  Preparations for Toys are often more intensive than the Toys themselves, and everyone gets involved.  This collection of videos is from a small village out...

  8. Turkmenistan Homecoming

    Women welcoming a new bride into their family. These women are leading the new "gelin" (bride) into her new home with her in laws. 

  9. Turkmenistan Dancing Queen

    My two year old "host niece" busting a move at her uncle's wedding. 

  10. Armenia project presentations

    Youth development project camp, the BRO camp was just getting started.

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.