1. Azerbaijan A Tale of Two Countries: Father and Son in the Peace Corps

    A Tale of Two Countries Father and Son in the Peace Corps By Mason Robbins, RPCV, Haiti 1999-2001, and Joel Robbins, RPCV, Azerbaijan, 2007-2009 Mason--We like to be able to boast to others, “Been there, done that.” Saying it makes us feel older, more experienced, wiser, more proud and condescending, maybe, when we are young. Saying it to my 63-year-old father makes me proud. Not proud of me, proud of him. My father served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Azerbaijan from 2007 ...

  2. Azerbaijan Wide-Eyed

    The students in this elementary classroom were shocked to have an older PC volunteer and two of his Azeri college students help teach an English class. You gotta love these faces.

  3. Azerbaijan Novrus Celebration

    Students at Sheki Pedagogical Technicum celebrate the new growing season by dancing in traditional costumes around a bonfire. Zoroastrian traditions concerning fire, wind, water and earth govern this holiday.

  4. Bulgaria First Day of School

    Plamena and Julien, 10th graders at Tzar Simeon Vocational High School, commemorate the first school day of the year.

  5. Bulgaria Trifonov Den

    Two men celebrating St. Trifon's Day in Zhitnitza, Bulgaria.

  6. Bulgaria The Commute Forward

    “Vasilena?” “She travels, Gospozha!” “Djunait?  He doesn’t travel, does he?” “No, he lives in town.  He should be here!” 10A and I enacted this little ritual every time I took roll call, every day for my first three months as an English teacher at Gimnazia Tzar Simeon. “Ivanka?” “She travels!” “Kristina?” “Travels!” “Lyudmila?” “Travels!” Ms. Dunn’s Professional English Class tends to fall near the first or the last class period of the day.  Ro...

  7. Ukraine Angel Tree

      Two of my University students, Victoria and Dasha, distributing Christmas gifts at an orphanage as part of our “Angel Tree” project.

  8. Ukraine Angel Tree

    This about a project we did at Christmas time called "Angel Tree"  It went like this: Peace Corps Volunteers and our University Students went to local orphanages and had kids write down gifts that they wanted on paper angles.  Many of the kids asked for gifts that were far to expensive, such as bikes, Playstations and cell phones (some specified models).  One boy actually asked for a Rolex.  Then we put the paper angels on a tree outside a mall and asked people to take an angel ...

  9. Ukraine Celebrating freedom a backbreaker

    Monday, September 24, 2001 By Christie Appelhanz SELESHCHINA, Ukraine -- The fall of the Soviet Union changed the way the world works from Beijing to the Beltway. It didn't, however, change the way Luda works in this quiet village of 5,000, where the cows still walk down the main street unescorted every morning to graze. Well, maybe things are a little worse, she says, since they lifted price controls and the cost of food soared. Luda survived the economic collapse of the ...

  10. Azerbaijan Ouch!

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this.  The person in the picture was my host mother who had a cold or something (I was to new to the country too understand what the deal what), but this was one remedy for it. 

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