1. El Salvador When it rains, it pours.

    Never had I ever experienced rain like this until Peace Corps El Salvador, when the rain just falls for hours and hours in sheets and buckets. There is no going anywhere, just time to wait it out and watch the rainfall. Asi es.

  2. El Salvador Silhouette

    Just another day in site...

  3. El Salvador Don't forget to brush your teeth.

    Tooth Brushing Charla- Los Cimientos, Morazan, during a medical brigade, May 2011.

  4. Honduras Truckstop Wall Garden

    El Moral, Sinuapa has charm.  The weathered cowboy community sits along the curve of a single paved road stretching all over Central America.  With the heavy traffic this, otherwise seemingly remote and rural, Western Honduran village gets crafty with the excess waste. 

  5. Guatemala Carol Ventura talking to La Jacaltequita members

    Officers of La Jacaltequita and I visited weavers in outlying villages twice a year. Here I’m discussing hair sashes with some of the members of the local chapter. The long hair of the Jacaltec women is wrapped with the same backstrap-woven hair sashes that they sold through the cooperative. American friends accompanied me on this trip to Limonar (a 6 hour walk from Jacaltenango) in 1979, including Anne Mulbry Cordon, the photographer.  

  6. Nicaragua Teaching About Farming

    Looking on with awe as my teacher takes charge to present our garden talk.

  7. Nicaragua Baseball League

    Thank you US Embassy for your donation of gear and uniforms for 4 teams!

  8. Nicaragua Thanksgiving

    Who says you need to be in America to enjoy a Thanksgiving Turkey?

  9. Nicaragua Youth Team

    Here is my youth team that took forever to form. Together we toured all around Matagalpa and even though we weren't part of an official organization we all knew we were the best.

  10. Nicaragua Campeones

    his weekend was the finals for my youth soccer league. It was a long time in the works and well worth it. Of course there were a couple setbacks, my directors could not come, one of the NGOs pulled out, the mayor’s office could not lend me the audio system, but who is complaining? I learned long ago that nothing in Nicaragua goes as planned and you just have to roll with the punches. Yes, I would have loved to have had a big audio system to announce the play by play action of the game and hav...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.