1. Costa Rica A Creative Outlet

    When my high school Spanish teacher came to visit my site in Costa Rica with ten of his students, his students and my first and second graders had the opportunity to express themselves through this fun art project using contact paper, glue, salt, and food coloring. 

  2. Costa Rica The Six Month Mark

    Right after my three months of training in Costa Rica I had the overwhelming image in my head of a great white canvas.  Being provided with brushes, oils, paints, and a multitude of other resources, I was to design this canvas in the way in which I saw fit, in a way that would best serve the rural mountain community I was placed in, Sabanillas de Acosta.   Throughout the many years I spent in school and in my first job after college working for a law firm, I was told exactly what to do and h...

  3. Costa Rica A glimpse of life in a Costa Rican Home

    Just a few minutes of life in our Costa Rican town.

  4. Costa Rica Mama y Machete

    Taken during community diagnostic interviews

  5. Guatemala Secret

    Hendrick, my host brother, shares a secret with me while I try to teach him a card game. 

  6. Guatemala Feria

    A small village in the Western Highlands celebrates it's annual fair by decorating the church and dancing in costume

  7. Guatemala Helper

    A young Maya boy helps deliver a used tire for a project growing potatoes in stacked tires. 

  8. Guatemala Afternoon Paseo

    An elderly Maya man walks the village paths in the afternoon sun. 

  9. Guatemala Proud Abuela

    A proud grandma poses with her youngest grandson on her back while another granddaughter peaks out shyly from the adobe house.

  10. Guatemala Mucha Mazorca

    Hired day workers harvest and sort corn ears from dried stocks in the Western Highlands of Guatemala

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.