1. Costa Rica Nicaraguan Girl

    A young girl poses for the camera on the Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua.

  2. Costa Rica Children in Tortugero

    Children in Tortugero, Costa Rica rest on their front steps.

  3. Nicaragua Intrigue

    I have watched this little girl, who is my neighbor, grow over the past two years.  I have had the pleasure of being around for her first step and her first word, NO!  She is 4 months in this picture and is  now an active and happy 2 and a half year old.

  4. Guatemala Guatemala, old and new

    This photo was taken while on a walk with my host mom to her coffee farm. I think it portrays Guatemala as it is now: a mix of old and new, wherever one looks.

  5. Costa Rica Arroz de Maiz Fundraiser

    Men's Soccer Team cooking a typical Guanacaste dish (Arroz de Maiz) as part of a fundraiser to purchase a new uniform. Solo good!

  6. Costa Rica Women Power!

    October 9th: Day Guaitil's Women's Soccer Team - Las Tinajitas - debuted for the first time their first new uniform, designed and purchased by them.

  7. Costa Rica Economia para el Exito

    5th and 6th graders from my Economia para el Exito class I thought in conjunction with Junior Achievement Costa Rica.

  8. Panama Coconut Monster

    The little kid next to me ate more coconut then anyone I have ever seen.  He at least took down two and a half all by himself.  And sense coconut meat and milk are natural laxatives....

  9. Panama Kids at Play

    Two Ngobe-Bugle children at play. 

  10. Panama Walking In Someone Else Shoes

    During a Project, Management and Leadership charla in a fellow PCV's site we decided to do a dinamica called "Walking In Someone Else Shoes."  Each person takes off one shoe and puts it in a big bag and after everyone has done so, each participant takes a shoe out of the bag without looking and puts that shoe on.  And then we all walk around in our new shoe.  After a while we stop and ask everyone to comment on the exercise.  And the thing that always comes out of it is that we all ...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.