1. Belize Meet me at the River

    This is a video documenting a normal day washing at Silver Creek in the Toledo District of Belize.  After serving two years my husband suggested we record my creek time because that is the thing I will miss the most when we finish our service in October of 2011. 

  2. Honduras A Last Night on the Island

    A Last Night on the Island  A feeling of authenticity runs over your soul if you sit at a local eatery on a Sunday night in Utila. As you sit on a wooden bench you lean against the open screen-less windowsill to feel the cool night air greet the warmth of the restaurant’s interior. Your friends around the rectangular table are tired and content reflecting on their morning dives and under the orange glow of the Chinese lamps they are patiently awaiting their plates of barracuda, wahoo, or ...

  3. El Salvador TRASH... FUN? YES

    Youth Group Juvenil QuetzalCoatl of Nuevo Gualcho ready for the Earth Day clean up of empty toxic chemical bottles that were littered throughout their community and river.

  4. El Salvador Making Fertilizer

    My friends and fellow youth group members excited about making organic fertilizer for the first time!

  5. El Salvador Handmade Hammocks

    I had the pleasure of helping to make this hammock when I did a site visit to Morazon, El Salvador

  6. Nicaragua Proud Owner of a Bicicleta!

    So I spent the last month and some change trying my best to be a good, frugal Peace Corps volunteer - refusing to buy a brand new bike because of the cost. Sure I have enough money to buy a shiny new bike, and sure I have family members back home who would have loved to “sponsor” my purchase, but I wanted to accomplish this using only the money from my Peace Corps “salary” without leaving myself starving for my next paycheck. [That's generally been my rule here because I'm really trying to ...

  7. Nicaragua Shat on by a Chicken in a Mango Tree

    This week I was shat on by a chicken in a mango tree. That's an entertaining enough story as it is if you ask me, but I will elaborate because, correct me if I'm wrong, but I imagine that none of you have ever been shat on by a chicken – especially not from such an altitude as a mango tree. I've decided you should all be allowed to picture it exactly, so that you can really share in this experience of mine. You can thank me for that later. I've mentioned before that the chickens in my host...

  8. Costa Rica The Guanacasteca Yell

    A young boy performs one of the many different yells to be heard in Guanacaste.

  9. Costa Rica waiting for the afternoon feed

    a pig looks beggingly at the camera, waiting for food.

  10. Costa Rica en el gimnasio

    kids kick around soccer balls while waiting for their "profe" to begin practice.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.