1. Philippines Snowing in the Philippines

    My students always ask me what snow is like, as they have never experienced a temperature less than 70 degrees farenheit. For Christmas, I taught my students how to make snowflakes out of white paper. They had a great time cutting out their own unique designs. Then we all threw them up into the air, making it snow in the Philippines for the first time!

  2. Philippines Visayan Love

    Highlights of the first year of service for Batch 268 Education and Environment Volunteers in Region 8, Philippines

  3. China At ease

    Floating down a river in Southern Guizhou

  4. China Quick delivery

    A common scene on the streets of China

  5. China Survival

    A Bullfight Festival in Kaili

  6. China In the mood

    Dong ethnic performance in Rongjiang

  7. China Anticipation

    Dinner with the family

  8. China Trust

    A random street in Chengdu

  9. China A day's work

    Xijiang Village, Kaili

  10. Philippines The Philippines: The First 10 Months

    These photos are from my first ten months of service in the Philippines. The pictures are mostly from the provinces of Negros Occidental (my training site) and Iloilo (my permanent site).

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.