1. Philippines Fisherfolk Family

    One of the fisherfolk families in Barangay (village) Magsaysay that my counterparts and I worked with standing in front of their traditional Filipino home, a Nipa hut. 

  2. Thailand Tree Planting

    This was at a school in Amphur Sega.  Eucaliptus trees were planted for fuel and to help manage mixing of the salt and fresh water aquafers by having the trees pump out water between them.

  3. Thailand Trust the Children

    In one of my favorite places I worked, Ging Amphur Bung Khong Long, some of the village boys were showing me how they fished.

  4. Thailand Talking Crops and Weather

    Just like home, famers spend a lot of time talking about the crops and weather.  This was a project to raise fish in the rice paddy.  A deep water area was excavated for the fish to stay in during the hot part of the day.  The fish would eat insects in the rice and fertilize it as well, and provide a profitable addition to small acreages.

  5. Thailand Me with my homestay family

    During training, we spent 2 weeks in a village in Nakorn Sawan, learning Thai during the day and lifeways in the evening.

  6. Mongolia Looking for the right word in Zuunmod

    Communication can be challenging. Mongolia PCV Jocelyn Sarmiento tries to find the right word to convey what needs to be done as she shows it to her counterpart in a dictionary. Jocelyn serves in the health sector and is attached to the local Health Department for the Mongolian Ministry of Health. She lives and works in Zuunmod in Mongolia's Central Province, Töv aimag.   I took this photo while traveling around the world documenting Peace Corps volunteers for a book, "Making Peace with...

  7. Mongolia Tsagaan Sar

    Celebrating in the home of a Mongolian friend during the lunar new year, the annual Tsagaan Sar festivities in Mongolia

  8. China Everybody in the Peace Corps!

    Lyrics: Applications and interviews Doctors and dentists Hurdles and road blocks When will I get this? I've been waiting so long I check the mail every day For the letter that could Possibly send me away... To change the world Yeah you finally made it Welcome to the human race You only have one lifetime To make this world a little better place (than when you found it) And you'll make them all proud Just like your mama knew you would Go out into the world and do well But more importantly go...

  9. Thailand This is not just a job, this is life....

    On November 24th, my host father, Sub-Lieutenant Kusol Kongsri, passed away at the age of 74. The experience of his death, the grief, and the funeral were the hardest part of my Peace Corps experience to date. In all honesty it has been one of the hardest experiences of my life. It is hard to explain all of this through writing but I believe that it is important to share. My host father had been suffering from diabetes for quite some time, but he was extremely active, smart and engaged d...

  10. Mongolia Mongolian Horse Race

    Typically children are the ones doing the horse racing, and this boy is no exception. Taken September 2010 in Baruun-Urt, Mongolia.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.